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I’ve always been curious about what search terms are most popular on Google, and while exploring different avenues for ascertaining that snippet of information, I bumped into the way cool Google zeitgeist page. Well worth visiting, it contains such fascinating snippets as the top ten gaining queries, top ten declining queries, queries by operating system (who’d have thought that Win 98 would still be so popular?), and much more of interest.

What I find most interesting is the gaining queries list, which, for the week ending July 28th, is:

  1. lance armstrong
  2. seabiscuit
  3. bob hope
  4. angelina jolie
  5. eiffel tower (an odd one on this list, somehow)
  6. jessica lynch
  7. katelyn faber
  8. othniel askew
  9. tom leykis
  10. marie trintignant

Of course, I have no idea who the last five entries are, but presume that they’re TV celebrities or similar? It’s also quite a testiment to modern society – to the zeitgeist, if you will – that “Harry Potter” was a more common search at Google News than either Iraq or Monkeypox. The other searches aren’t too much of a surprise on the news site: clay aiken, laci peterson, martha stewart, david beckham, prince william, peoplesoft (must be a lot of nervous shareholders out there), and miss universe.

Anyway, check it out! Very interesting stuff. Google’s Zeitgeist page.

5 comments on “Yet another cool Google site

  1. Jessica Lynch – POW rescued from Iraq, who came home recently
    Katelyn Faber – Either raped by, or regrets having sexual relations with, Kobe Bryant
    Othniel Askew – politician who shot and killed NYC councilman James E Davis
    Tom Leykis – radio shock jock who got pulled off the air in canada for offering to donate $100,000 charity for signing a local anchorwoman’s breasts.
    Marie Trintignant – French actress who passed away

  2. I’m not a VIP just a regular person.
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