We all have our reasons. What’s yours?

Ready for this? Scholastic is launching a new ad campaign to push the Harry Potter series in the adult market. As reported by Publishers Weekly:

Scholastic wants adult readers who dismiss Harry Potter as kid’s stuff
to reconsider. Having already sold 11 million copies of “Harry Potter
and the Order of the Phoenix,” Scholastic is launching a print
advertising campaign targeting 18-to-35 year olds.

Scholastic says the ads will feature “unlikely types of adult readers”
including a “a tattooed biker, a fashionista, skateboarders and sports
fans” and include the tag line “We all have our reasons. What’s
yours?” They will run in Rolling Stone, US Weekly, Time Out NY and

So stay tuned and remember that rejecting juvenile fiction over something more adult is a reason too! (of course, I admit, I have enjoyed the Potter books, but I never claimed to be fully 100% grown up yet anyway!)

One comment on “We all have our reasons. What’s yours?

  1. I heard a thing on NPR a few months (maybe years) ago talking about how the Harry Potter books are good for learning foreign languages.
    It is written for a 4th grader, meaning that it is easy to understand. It is also interesting, which makes it leaps and bounds above actual foreign language books.

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