Vincent Wright’s Guide for Dealing with Tough Situations

My friend Vincent Wright shared some good ideas about how to deal with challenges. He’s talking general success rules, but you can recast them to focus specifically on business too…

I know that a lot of us are going through very tough times with our businesses, our careers, our families etc. so, I’d like to share with you something which I wrote so that I could succinctly, repeatedly, and successfully do those things I need to do to get myself correctly reoriented towards getting back on track with “success”:

Wright Hand Rules For Success

Rule #1: FACE the problem… No one on Earth can claim to be successful without facing problems. Facing problems is an ESSENTIAL part of success. It is THE FIRST STEP to your success

Rule #2: FIND your strength… Every living person seeking success has strength…But, power not found is power not available. Finding your power reduces the fear of facing your problems

Rule #3: FOCUS your time…  How can you possibly succeed without time? Time management helps you more accurately use your strength. Think about it – what power do you have that is not dependent upon time? Without time management, even strong people seem weak. Focus your time to feel your power, to feel your strength, to Keep STRONG!

Rule #4: FREE yourself from bad habits by PLANNING. Planning keeps you in contact with your power. That’s the whole purpose of planning. Bad habits are those things which pull you away from your power, away from your FOCUS. There is no greater solution to bad habits than PLANNING. REMEMBER THIS: Planning is about your FREEDOM

Rule #5: FEEL your heart in your plan… If you can’t FEEL your plans leading you to success, you’ll not likely put those plans into action… No one can succeed without FEELING that they are going to succeed. Success is not an accident. Success doesn’t sneak up on you. It’s anticipatory – IF you can FEEL your heart in your plan and IF you can feel your hand doing the things in your plan, IF you can FEEL your heart and your hand working TOGETHER, you WILL succeed…

Tip: These rules aren’t meant to be just read once and forgotten. Vincent and I both encourage you to check out his Web site site.

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