it’s sad when reasonable companies succumb to spamming

While I am sure that I get more than my fair share of spam – at least 500 messages a day, all filtered out thank goodness – I nonetheless sometimes look through and try to get a sense of what kind of products are popular with spammers (which is to say which products they believe can sell through less than savory marketing) and how they tend to position and promote individual products. It’s like listening to a huckster or streetcorner vendor to learn person to person selling, I imagine.
Every so often, though, I find that legitimate companies are using techniques that are perilously close to spam and often actually get caught in my spam filters. A while back I wrote about how Disney uses spam in its marketing and indeed, a few days ago I received a notice from Disney about its new Adventure holidays, even though I’m 100% sure I opted out of future mailings from the company.
And then there’s

The concept behind the site is pretty darn cool: wouldn’t it be nice if there was a site focused on putting each of us back in touch with those people from our past that have just fallen out of our address books, graduated and went who-knows-where, moved away from the last address we had for them, and changed jobs out of the division where we once shared a desk?
Generally, I’m not one who has lots of friends from decades ago, but it’d be fun to check in with some of my old pals, like my junior high school pal Mitch Chase, or my high school partner in crime Ivan Avetissian, but we’ve moved on our separate paths and not being in touch with them isn’t that big a deal to me.
And yet. When I get an email that says “four people searched for you last week” there’s a small tug, a tiny bit of curiosity. I mean, wouldn’t it be cool if they were looking for me too?
That’s why it’s a darn shame that resorts to this sort of drivel:

Spam from

The key to this ultimately being spam is in the small print on the bottom of the email, and I quote:
“You received this email because you are registered at using the e-mail address xx@yy.zz, a friend invited you, your high school is having a reunion, or you registered with a partner of ours.”
That last bit is the key: I register with some other site (who knows which one) that has a private, even secret, registration sharing arrangement with and suddenly I’m now a viable target for their endless spam?
This is not a good way to run a business.
Worse, for a company like, it’s like throwing mud into the drinking fountain. The company could have a good reputation and could even be doing good work matching up long-lost friends and lovers, but with this sort of garbage email, I don’t have any patience for them or for their style of business.
Doesn’t anyone at think through the ramifications of their marketing tactics?
Ah well. At least I can tell both Mitch and Ivan that I’d love to hear from them and catch up on a lotta years. Just skip as a way for us to find each other, guys.

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  1. Interesting to read your post today, considering that I have just received spam here from a business that is fairly well known and not just the anonymous offshore hosted affiliate spam. It seems like those companies are starting to consider this acceptable. Where would I report a site that is being spammed on a regular wordpress blog?

  2. is the same way. Maybe they are owned by the same folks. It’s more than a little annoying. I don’t even open the emails anymore because if I did, I’d be sent to a page where they want you to pay to find out who has been looking for you. Seriously, 5-10 people a week have NOT been looking for me, but if you believe the ‘hype’ of the emails, they are. Oy!

  3. Thank you for mentioning this, Dave. Everytime I think that the badgering/pestering school of marketing is on the wane, something like this crops up in my life. What can you do? Opt out. Mark it as spam. Tell your friends. And never, never, never, never, never give them a penny.

  4. I wish to state publically and for the record that David Taylor and I were not “partners in crime”, at least not of the feloneous type (Dave will know what I mean).
    I am flattered that he mentioned me by name in this august publication and look forward to making contact with him.
    Alive and thriving in Tucson, Arizona.
    Ivan Avetissian
    Agoura HS `80

  5. I receive email at work from that is addressed to my daughter. I have tried several times to unsubscribe and/or delte the contact information. Every link takes me back to the login page. How can I get rid of this spam?

  6. Thanks for expressing exactly how frustrated I feell about Reunion. I actually gave these people money in a moment of weakness… hoping to find an old partner in crime…. ARG!!!!
    Anyone know where Pete Hubbard from San Diego 1969 is ?

  7. re: I have tried several times to unsubscribe and/or delte the contact information. Every link takes me back to the login page. How can I get rid of this spam?
    Step 1 – login! (if you don’t know your password, you the forgot password link – what a surprise)
    Step 2 – My Account -> Subscriptions -> disable
    ..and I have to share the road with people like this.. its a scarry world.

  8. just emailed me that 14 people were looking specifically for me by name. Unfortunately I bit and found that I didn’t know any of the people that were listed as looking for me. What a scam! I recommend AGAINST this unscrupulous website. There are much better networking/people tools out there, like LinkedIn and Plaxo.

  9. actually, I’m a member of reunion, and I don’t find it any more over the top than all the myspace emails I get when someone has an event, requests to be friends, and so forth. It’s not really that much of a hassle for me, and I enjoy the prospect of maybe an old friend is looking for me, and on a couple of occassions, it was an old friend. What a kick that was!!!
    So, I guess I’m biased since I had a good experience.

  10. Sorry for the repetitive posts, but I just read over some of the other comments. Especially from that guy that thought he got had by going to their site on the comment just above my earlier one. Now, I don’t condone spam (I get more than 100 a day), but to say that you get scammed when you get an email that someone was looking for someone with your same name, and age, in the same state and you clicked on it, is a bit over the top. Come on, is your time that important that you feel so deceived when you click on an email like that? What happens when you watch TV and a commercial comes on when you didn’t expect it, are you outraged? What about the radio? When you get junk mail, and you actually read it, are you scammed into reading it? Are you as outraged then? come on… take things into perspective a little bit.

  11. This company is really deceptive. They send you an email telling you that people are searching for you. Then they make it sound like it will cost $2 per month to join….really it is $72, because they make you pay for 3 years worth of months upfront… and they don’t do canceled accounts or refunds.
    When you join, there is no one real looking for you. They don’t base it on people in your class from a certain school, it is just who happened to type in your name…and they might have been looking for anyone with your name. 14 searches and not one of them was even from a state I had been to.
    It was a trap and they purposely deceive you to get your money and then offer you nothing in return. STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM REUNION.COM…They are SPAMMERS and SCAMMERS!!!!!

  12. is a major fraud site. They charged me $36 NINETEEN times through PayPal yesterday on an reunion account I canceled months ago. There’s no way to get through on e-mail, no phone number available and since I used my debit card for the initial membership 18 months ago I now have to fight with my bank for the $600-plus refund. I’m reporting them to the state AG and FBI fraud units but don’t have a lot of confidence they’ll do anything.

  13. is a scam. they pulled $120. out of my account and will not refund it. i did get through to a phone number but the guy was very rude stating that they don’t give refunds or cancellations and that i could do nothing about it and when i told him they were a scam he said “i better watch what im saying because i won’t like what he can do” they need a federal investigation into thier business practices. i am turning them into my credit card company and going to fight it out to not pay them a dime!! big time scammers!

  14. I just want to agree with what Jamie posted (2 posts behind me) Thats exactly what happend to me! I was recieving the same mail about 2wice a week from stating that someone was searching for me. I couldnt get a name but they showed the location this person was from and these “searches” for me were all coming from that same location. I honestly thought that someone from my past was looking for me ALOT! So I paid the fee in order to find out who it was, and come to find out the person “searching” for me was someone I had never met in my life. Its funny, after they got me for my $$$ I never recieved another email from my “searcher”!! Yep, is the biggest scam Ive seen legally!

  15. OK, so what do we do about this? I just got scammed earlier today with a message 25 people were looking for me.
    Is there any class action law suit we could join together to take these types of businesses down?
    Come on there must be at least one law student that reads this. If not, perhaps you who are reading this know someone who can hurt these people financially. They have our information and who know who they are selling it to.
    Perhaps we should all contact our legislators, our local or national news outlets?
    The only way this sort of thing will stop is when these companies are exposed nationally and hurt financially.
    It’s our America and it’s our money.
    Maybe you Dave Taylor have some clout or idea of how to get the ball rolling?

  16. I just got scammed the exact same way! Someone was supposedly looking for me, I signed up for what looked like month-by-month, and suddenly I was out $120. I sent a mail asking to be cancelled, and they did cancel and give my money back … But 5 days later, they recharged me for the same $120. Their 800 number is fake … the people there haven’t even heard of
    I called the bank to reverse the charge, filed a fraud complaint, and am changing my card so they can’t recharge again.
    I would be happy to join in a class action suit against them.

  17. It’s time for a class action, i just got scammed as well thinking my birth mother was looking for me. I’m fed up and this needs to stop.

  18. To those who keep whining about deception on the grounds of $2/mo vs. $72/subscription – read the fine print before you pay for something, stop complaining for your own ignorance. $2/mo. wouldn’t even cover the transaction costs, so of course they need to hook you for a year or more at a lump-sum rate, standard practice.
    Re: “ is a scam. they pulled $120. out of my account and will not refund it.” – talk about deception! this writer didn’t mention that s/he willfully provided the account information – you signed up for it, stop pretending to surprised, and read before you commit to any agreement.

  19. Hmmm – I DID read the fine print and they screwed me out of a year’s membership anyway. SIX weeks prior to my subscription renewal (which in hindsight I shouldn’t have done), I reset my account to NOT automatically renew. But they charged me $36 anyway. I immediately sent an email to dispute the charge (and two follow-ups) – no response. I have lodged a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and contacted my bank. Next – the Attorney General. engages in deceptive business practices and perpetrates fraud – plain and simple. It may not be a fortune, but I will be damned if I will sit idly by. Screwed and wasn’t even kissed!

  20. Amen Janna!!! The one contact that I made on reunion was not necessarily worth the $36 but I am a reasonable person and when i decided to pay the $36 I decided to take the “loss” if I had to on the first charge but automatic renewal, that’s a croc(k)!!! And I agree $36 is not a lot but not when it’s something that you don’t want and they aren’t even professional enough to admit that they are acting in an unreputable manner. THEY SUCK!!!!

  21. I just signed up for classmates website because I received an email saying that someone was looking for me. When I emailed her back, AFTER I paid for the 3 month membership, I received a very generic email back. Generic enough that I was like, that’s weird! She was looking for me but then blew me off??????? Personally, I am convinced that they send out generic emails to entice you. Anyway, I had signed up because I vaguely remembered her name, very familiar. Anyway, I had already been contacted twice before by people who also paid for the service and I was just thrilled to hear from them. Since I had twice had a positive experience, I didn’t think $15 for three months wasn’t too bad. The “fake” email that prompted it was a bummer. But I am hopeful that I will run into others that are real. I will not renew, but after this article and all of your thoughts and experiences, I will definitely keep an eye on my credit card bill. Like someone earlier stated, if you give your card info online, then you need to expect a certain percentage of bad experiences. I give my card info all the darn time. I order everything online from books to bras. I expect to get ripped off eventually. That’s why I keep a very close eye on my statements. And I ask for a new debit card with a new number every six months. It’s free and worth the hassle for the convenience of ordering online. I have been ripped twice. And both times I made the hugest stink that I was refunded immediately. The trick is to be smart and armed with knowledge when you approach it. Approach it with a firm attitude, not rude, and be calm. Freaking out and “bitching” turns anyone off. Especially people who already have your money. If your stupid and reactionary, well then….kiss your money goodbye.
    Just my two cents.

  22.….. what can I say besides BIG FRAUD!! $120 out of my account and for what???? I will be reporting as well.

  23. I just paid $60.00 ($5.00 per month don’t you know) to joing what a stupid thing to do! My daugther found my sister on myspace in 30 seconds and it didn’t cost me a dime. Wow! I wish I would have known, it would have saved me money! Oh, well. Live and learn. And at least I found my sister after 20 years!

  24. my hot mail account is only for activation and stuff.
    use firefox and gmail and recieve 0% spam.

  25. REUNION. com got me too. The 4 names I was curious to see are ficticious. Maybe this phishing expedition should be sent to the attorney generals offices of all states.
    It’s a well designed “money grab”. FRAUD sounds good too.

  26. a fool and his/her money are soon parted. I didnt go any further than the “free” membership, but Im sure my new email box is going to be littered with their spam. I know most all major credit card companies do reverse charges if you call and request it and they can determine it is a fraudulent charge.

  27. I’m a sucker – fell for the bait. Very humbled by this too because I am an information security representative where I work and should be able to recognize the signs. It was PARTICULARLY upsetting however, when I perused resulting images for familiar faces of past friends, to encounter two obscene pictures. I had clicked on the Free Trial button. Reader beware! None of the 30 or so pictures contained people I knew….My Windows Messenger Buddy List addresses were targeted. So apology/ALERT emails are going out immediately to all of them to break the chain of deception initiated by this unwitting victim.

  28. My first comment is DO NOT JOIN REUNION.COM
    All you will get is spam mail. Furthermore, I tried to get a refund within 2 days and they refused! What a waste and such a poor site to make money off of harmless people.

  29. I also in a moment of weakness decided to try someone I went to high school with and try to make a mends. They posted two debits to my checking account. one for 71 and one for 35. This made me furious since after all it said it did not take the card stated it in small red print. Then i put the next 35 thinking the first two did not work on my credit card and it took it. So now I am out 141.00. I will never be involved in something like this again. Classmates is bad enough but taking peoples money and never refunding it is just plain bad. My bank is on this with their lawyer. So hopefully I can recoup some of this lose.

  30. I recently decided that I would give money to see all of the people that were looking for me. Once I made the payment and saw that over 100 people who I had no clue who they were, I decided to contact and ask for a refund. The customer service rep. told me that it was nonrefundable but would be refund me a portion and I only had to pay for a day. What a waste.

  31. Whew! Thanks for the warning. I almost bit. Re union was offering free membership if you subscribed to a product by one of their advertisers. They had a product I was planning on ordering anyway, so I was going to do it. However, when I clicked on the more info button and read what was being offered, I realized it was no deal. After the inital promo, it was going to cost me almost $7/wk for the Sunday New York Times. No thanks. However, for looking into it, I am sure I will be deluged with spam– in fact, it has already started– e-mails thanking me for joining (which I didn’t), and telling me to choose a product. I think I am safe since I didn’t enter any credit card info.. Ditto the other folks here– watch out!

  32. Good article, Dave. I almost signed up for just a few minutes ago.
    Just a note to all you good folks inspired by some of your stories. It’s a good idea to call your bank and change your credit card account number at least once a year. Very easy to do and only leaves you without a card for a couple of days. Nobody can defraud you with the old number, and it doesn’t affect your record as far the length of time you’ve had the account open. The only downside is that you will have to update your account number with any legitimate company that periodically bills you. They will usually bill you automatically, find that the charge doesn’t go through on the old number, and contact you. Good way to find who has your credit card number anyway. Do it today, and keep the scammers out of your wallet!

  33. I see that many of you have actually spoken with someone at I have also had problems with them and can’t seem to find a phone number to contact them. Would someone please share the # with me?

  34. whoa! glad i accidentally found your site…my bd
    is 11/11…around that time i got an e-mail saying
    that someone was looking for me…i just knew it was the guy i had a huge crush on in 1970, his bd was 11/10…i was just about to bite, when i noticed that someone else was looking for me…it
    was myself! 55 yr old female from the same town i was currently living in?!? i knew then that it was a scam… nobody in there right mind would
    willingly move here to this one horse town…but
    still it really hurt to have your feeligs uplifted
    just to have your balloon popped!…thanks for all
    rhe info…sorry for the ones that have lost money!

  35. is a scam, so don’t tell us we are ignorant.
    What they DON’T tell you is that WE MUST DISABLE AUTOMATIC RENEWAL or we will be AUTOMATICALLY renewed–NO fine print says that arsehole.
    Consumer Affairs, here I come.
    They also don’t know how to tell me how to read my emails in rich content–maybe because I don’t have any when THEY email me saying I do.
    They need to be put away for fraud, and felonies, they can go straight to hell, imho
    THey soon will be in Consumer Affairs most wanted;) Just watch….

  36. F’n bullshit…this company billed me $72 last December for something I never signed up for. They were very reluctant to refund the $72 and I was LUCKY enough to get $48 refunded to my bank account. Low and behold, here we are in December again and my bank account was debited $36 by What a scam!!! I called them again today and they wanted my credit card information. I refused and asked them to check under a last name. They saw the refund from last year and tried to tell me that the $36 being billed is not under that account. I told them that they needed to reverse the charge, but they continue to refuse until they get my credit card number. I told them that I canceled whatever account they had under my name and there should not have been any renewal, but they do not want to refund the $36.
    Here is the phone number if anyone else who feels they have been scammed:
    (888) 704-1900
    Looks like I need to go to my bank and process this charge as a fraud (which it is).

  37. Talked to them this morning. They are not removing my photo. And, she said they needed my password, before they could help me. Oh really? They have all the info they need on me. And my damn photo is still posted. I told her about the comments I have seen here, and it seems they do not care. The phone number is correct, and you do actually get to someone human, but the girl I first talked too sounded really dumb.
    Just remember>>>>GO TO YOUR ACCOUNT AND DISABLE THE AUTOMATIC RENEWAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. I was a “free” member of Reunion for about NINE months and decided to go “Premium”…after a year, I decided the Premium benefits weren’t worth the $36 so I didn’t renew…AND, I un-checked the “automatic-renewal” on my account…end of story!!!
    WOW…quit “whining” people!!!

  39. What bothers me the most about is that how they get away with having a “no refund policy” that should be illegal. Who knows if this company has some kind of political ties. This is why they get away with it. Or maybe some other unknown reason. No company who renders services should have a “no refund policy” a customer has the right to cancel. I took out a three year membership and decided to cancel. Why should I be charged now. I have no intention of using it. I filed a complaint. That should not even be in the contract. Eventually something has to give. If not the law, then they are gonna find themselves messing with the wrong mentally ill person one day. Everyone gets theirs and what comes around goes around. I am trying to find out online how long they have been in business and cannot find it. I don’t know how this company has 30 million members. I have trouble believing that. even if none of us get our money back the best thing to do is put in complaints with the agencies so if someone calls before joining they will see all the complaints and not join.

  40. I have contacted the federal Government and they are very intersted in Mr Tinsley’s website.!! It is just a matter of time before he is taken down.
    I just feel that more people should fight for what they want, rather than bitch about it! on a website or post a comment!

  41. can anybody tell me when the white pages started charging for info? Every name i have looked for directed me to a site that said i had to pay for the phone number. Where can i find a FREE out of state phone number? Or are there no such thing anymore?

  42. Hi. I posted a note in here last week but I see it hasn’t shown up. Is that because I didn’t put in my e-mail address? I don’t want my address published so I didn’t put it in.

  43. I agree with the fact that has been very misleading. They kept sending me e-mails after I posted my profile saying “Two people are searching for you!” and when I finally gave in and forked over the $36.00, there was only one person listed, not two, and with the same first initial and same last name as me. Was I perhaps searching for myself? Anyway, I called them to the mat on it, and wrote them and told them that their business practices were fraudulent, and then I demanded a full refund. As of yesterday afternoon, they sent me an e-mail stating that they would refund my payment in full, and delete my account. So at least they have said they will give me my money back. I’ll find out tomorrow if they actually do or not.

  44. PS Here is the full address and phone # of
    2118 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1008
    Santa Monica, CA 90403
    If you haven’t been promised your refund yet, I suggest you write AND call. That’s what I had to do.

  45. This reminds me of the early days of AOL when they had a near monopoly on internet service. They were in so tight with the banks that they could even get a charge against a closed account.

  46. I see a lot of you are unhappy with this website’s scams, no-refund policy and spamming.
    The problem I had is completely different: I was told by a friend that I HAVE A PROFILE on that website.
    And yes, there was my profile there that I have never created!!
    First I thought they are affiliated with, or they buy this stuff from, but the data is different.
    The current location was correct, also the name (rather rare for the state and town I reside in). My age was off by two years, my birthday was off several days, and on
    I never even entered my birthday.
    I talked to three of my friends who do not have accounts with
    and ran a check on them – they all showed up in the search results,
    with the lists of all the cities they ever lived in and with the lists of their relatives.
    You can not see their phones and addresses unless you subscribe, but you can if you do.
    I learned a lot of second names of the people I know for years but never cared to ask.
    Moreover, accounts for two of my friends had photos (one photo each)!!
    Does anyone know how in the world puts all this stuff together?
    As of me, besides the cities where I actually resided, there was a place listed where I stayed overnight several times
    but never was a resident of. Very, very impressive.
    Also: looks like they pull the data out of Maybe they are just a front-end interface for peopelfinders
    and there’s no really? But are registered in Canada…
    Another item that impressed me: when I ran a check on my boss’ name,
    in the list of the relatives there was a name of a trust fund he apparently established.
    I am really curious if all this is legal. One post before mentioned that contacting government
    agencies is a good idea – what agency should I contact? BBB does not deal with this.
    And if there is a class action law suite already, please let me now.

  47. Hello Dave, I have been searching for someone since the early 90’s and a neighbor of mine ended up putting me on reunion .com and botching the whole thing up so that has the other party looking for me instead of the other way around. Yherefore, when I get on, I am the other party instead of the one looking for the other party. I think is a scam and I believe they want money membership. I want nothing to do with It’s better to get some radio D.Jay to announce over the air for who your’e searching for than some stupid Now , how lame a name is that? Sincerely, Samantha Krista

  48. I fell for that Reunion.Com also. There is no fine print. They just make it sound good. I could kick myself for even signing up. It looks good to who reads it, but WATCH OUT. They’ll take the money out of your account and you can fight it, but it won’t do you any good. These people should have charges brought against them for “fraud on the internet”. They are good at catching pedifiles, someone should check into this and bring up charges for all the people they have scammed.
    Cindy Karsti, Youngstown, OH

  49. I happen to know for a fact that some of the “nice” kids from my high school are now drug users. We also unfortunately have a high percentage of alcoholics who graduated from my school. What is doing to protect me from them?

  50. I’ve come here now and then to see if there are any new messages. I’m still wondering what Pam meant above about “protecting” us from drug users and alcoholics. No disrespet to Pam when I say this, and maybe I am misunderstanding her point, but isn’t it up to each of us to make our own decisions concerning drug and alcohol usage and even if we are friends with those who do, that doesn’t mean we are going to start using those things?

  51. i have a gold membership with and i have had nothing but positive experiences. i have found old friends again and keep in touch. i have been pestered for months about how 8 people on are looking for me,over and over. well, i bit that hook like a starving fish. so curious to find out who’s looking for me because i was looking for a couple of people and thought-why not?. i read the agreement and checked out the pay methods,read carefully. the agreement and sign-up page tell you that you can make monthly payments or pay a year’s subscription. i made sure that was clear because i didn’t have the money for a year. well, i put in my info and hit enter and it tells me they just took out $60!!man, i wanted to rip someone’s head off! i guess i learned that the statement ” you get what you pay for” is completely wrong. i paid a few bucks and got a great deal, now i paid a lot of money and got nothing. their customer service reps are very rude too. i did not see a single soul on that i knew, now or then. now, i have no way to get my money back and i am screwed-no grease either!. they claim it is crystal clear, but i beg to differ. i think websites like theirs should be thoroughly investigated and be made to change their agreement. but, i guess crooks aren’t going to do that. it seems to be working for them. i’ll be sure to put them on the list with the european lottery scams(no,i didn’t fall for that one)lol. i guess that’s all i can do now is laugh, because no one’s gonna do anything about these kind of scams. i am so angry that i couldn’t even say what i would like to do to them because it would send me to prison. i just hope they get what’s coming to them eventually. to be shut down would be so sweet!they are useless.

  52. I, like a previous poster (Alex…I believe), apparently have a profile on without ever registering or entering any info. I had never even heard of their site until I googled my cousin’s name to see if his obit was online yet (he had passed away recently), and up pops my name with a link to my profile full of accurate info. Where the hell do they get this stuff??? And how do they think they have the right to do this??? I wanted to get my info removed so the first thing I did was check the FAQ where they list that you have to supply your SS# to have yourself removed. WHAT??? Get real!

  53. I just discovered the same problem as the person above … has a profile for me that appeared within the past two weeks and which I never set up. I tried to ‘log on’ and they said I had ‘registered’ under a different email. I had never even heard of this site, and they have extensive information like the other person described — including my correct age, which I have never posted online. I hope regulators crack down on these people.

  54. just totally pissed me off.
    I signed up for a free account and my gmail
    account was open in another window. I missed
    the small print “skip this step” in the far
    upper right hand corner and hit continue.
    They sent spam email to EVERYONE in my gmail
    address book! I called their customer support
    to complain and they said I must have given
    them permission by typing in my gmail password.
    I did not, but gmail was open. They did not seem
    to care, I closed my account, I will never ever
    deal with them again. So if you have gmail (or
    yahoo or any other popular free email account)
    open and don’t specifically opt out they will
    spam your entire address book. It seems they
    are trying to fool or trick people into allowing
    them to send spam in their name.

  55. I agree with everyone about how and lures people in with the idea of paying a couple of bucks a month only to learn that they’re going to end up paying a lot more. And that it’s non-refundable whether you use the site or not.
    This is exactly why was built. I based it off another alumni site I built for my own high school called The Quiverian site has been running for almost three years now and has over 3,100 legitimate alumni registered. It was built out of my own frustration with paying just to email a classmate. The alumni love the site. I get emails all of the time telling me how someone has reconnected with an old friend.
    It was this good feeling that I got from helping them connect that I decided to use it as the foundation for I wanted alumni from all high schools to get the same benefits as my high school did.
    You’re probably thinking this is a sales pitch and that there’s a catch. I don’t blame you. and have done a really good job of jading people.
    There is no catch. There is no “Going Gold” or any other subscription. It’s 100% FREE. You can email alumni directly or send them a private message. Post pictures, post messages, announcements, share your own web links, and on and on. No cost at all.
    Even though it’s only been running since November we already have alumni from 520 schools on the site.
    So I simply invite you to come check out the site – Leave your debit card in your wallet because you’re not going to ever need it.
    Check it out, register and tell your family and friends and feel free to email me if you have any questions about the site. I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions.
    Thanks, Dwen

  56. 3rd time they have found my ex-I was divorced 24 years when she passed away- I know very well where we buried her and don’t need any help from them. also they said my uncle was trying to e-mail me -WOW – he died in 1962- thats real powerful connections

  57. My daughter was looking for someone else and these people sent me a email stating that she was looking for me… This is my daughter. come on now.. she knows where I am at. I called her and she said what happened. I found this site and was about to send it to her and noticed that I would not be sending it to her email but to I knew nothing about these people but I would NEVER give them ANY business seeing that they contacted me and LIED about someone trying to reach me.. This should be ILLEGAL! They are SCUM!!

  58. I signed up for the free and next thing I know they linked into my address book of 1600 people and sent an email to every single one of them saying I wanted to get together with them.
    I’m ready to take them to court on this one. What a bunch of losers.

  59. I just did a search on my name, and found my name, age, birthdate, and place of residence listed on one of the links to!! It says I’ve been a member since Nov 2003, but I never registered with them!!
    I couldn’t find any way to request removal. But I plan on wearing out that phone number requesting them to remove my information. It might be a good idea for all of you who are having problems to just keep calling them until you receive satisfaction.

  60. I read through this entire blog attempting to find someone that had the same thing happen to them as my wife experienced. C.K. and bob seemed to have experienced this. My wife had clicked an email from a friend asking her to join (which was probably spammed). She was using gmail and claims that all she did was open the email and then close it. Apparently it grabbed all of her contacts and sent them emails requesting them to join in her name. One of those people was my grandmother. Since we had no idea that my wife had “sent” all of these emails to people, we did not send out any warning emails telling people not to follow the link (or even click on the email). My grandmother ended up opening the email (and perhaps created an account) and all of her AOL contacts were spammed with requests to join in her name. Needless to say she was pretty pissed and now she has to send out apology/warning emails to everyone who was spammed. This must be illegal or at the least, unethical and warranting a report to the BBB. Did the two of you take any steps to report this and/or are you looking for more support? Let me know.

  61. Does anyone know of a way to stop them from spamming people they got from an address book? A friend is having e-mail sent to people from her AOL address book repeatedly saying she wants them to join when she never joined herself nor did she give any e-mail addresses. She wants to get this stopped.

  62. Unfortunately, I also signed up for an account. I did see and click on the “skip this section” button to see what would happen (instead of entering my password), and so far have not had any spam emails sent to my contacts to join. I did also have my gmail account open in another window since that is where I opened the invitation email in the first place.
    Since I was wary about giving my email password to them, I did a Google search about it first, and found this website, among others, detailing the dangers of I have sympathy for those that got sucked in, since I (partially) did also. Deciding that I no longer wanted a account, I tried to immediately disable my account by clicking on “My account” (see previous post with further instructions), and before I could continue, it asked me to validate my email address. I DID NOT validate it, hoping that that will somehow not “completely” activate it – we’ll see.
    I also received a welcome email from them that also said “click on any link in this email to validate your email address.” I believe they require you to verify your email to prevent someone else from trying to create an account using your email address. Additionally, on the web page that asked me to validate my email address, you can choose to change your email address, which I proceeded to do so and change it to the email address that I use for entering contests, etc. where I expect to just get spam mail (just in case that helps somehow). Then, as expected, I received an email at that new address that again asked me to verify my address, which I didn’t do of course. Near the bottom, it says “(If you did not create an account at, please disregard this email).” So hopefully, if anything, I will just get some spam mail from them. Perhaps I will now get spam to both email accounts, but at least now I know to just ignore them.
    At the bottom of the original email that asked me to join, there is a link that allows you to “opt out,” to stop receiving follow-up invitations. I clicked on that, and hopefully that will help too. On the other hand, I know that sometimes clicking on those links in spam emails just prove to them that your account is active and they will just continue to spam you rather than stop.
    By the way, remember next time, if you see something that you are unsure of, anything at all, online or not, do a quick Google search on it BEFORE you proceed. If there are others who are in your same situation, you will most likely find them. There is SO MUCH information on the internet these days. Of course, that’s obvious if you’ve found this page, and I should have remembered my own advice! I often use the word “scam,” “awful,” etc. with the search too. That has saved me a few times. Use it before you think of buying an infomercial product or any other product, or before you forward on one of those “SEND THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW” emails (better yet, go to for the latter). And don’t believe the first website you see either, you may have to filter through a few of them to end up finding out that something really is a scam. Hope this helps for the future!

  63. Thank for the real deal on this website. I am no web newbie, yet I would hate to ignore an old friend that is looking for me. I guess that is the social engineering part of their pitch… deleted!

  64. OMG!! I was just about to pay $15.00 to upgrade to to see who was looking for me. This was for a three month period at $5.00 per month with an automatic renewal when the 5 month were up. Supposedly, a total of 21 people were searching for me within less than a week but I have to pay to see who they are. Also they have bulletin board postings which are suppose to be free but if you put your email address or telephone number they delete it from the post. I did several bulletin board posts to old class mates and it turned out that some went through for free and some they said I or the classmate I was trying to contact had to become “Gold Card Members” (paying members) in order for the recipient to be able to read the message. They also have a discussion board which is free but if you post your email or phone number it is deleted there as well. All emails you send out cannot be read unless you are a paying member. I am soooooooooo glad I came across this site with all the feedback cause I was just about to waste $15.00 and possibly more than that. The only thing that was okay with the site was being able to post photos that my friends can see without paying through the teeth. I wonder how long that will last before they require payment for the photos.

  65. Hi!
    I almost did the same thing myself. However I was not willing to give unknown people any of my card information, trusting soul that I am. Instead, at,I signed up for thier 3 month “Trial” account. However, I used as a payment source one of those prepaid visa cards from the local supermarket. They took out their initial 15 dollars for 3 months. I then gave the rest of the card to my sister-in-law to spend on groceries. I got to see who had looked me up No fuss, no muss, no account to keep pulling from.

  66. Thanks Everybody !
    I was just getting ready to apply for a job @ Reunion. After reading this thread, NO WAY !
    Oh, to the site host and his P.I.C. Ivan : did you guys know Rich Weir, or Bruce Levitt, or Dave Devine? (old roommates of mine)

  67. I checked out over a year ago, and I think I gave them some basic information (God only knows what they’ve done with it), and they usually send me at least one email a week telling me someone is looking for me. I never read them, but just hit delete. Today their email said two people were looking for me, and I could “click” to find out who they were. I bit on the click, and it took me to a subscription form. I clicked “cancel” and a box pops saying, “are you sure? You can get it FREE if you try or buy ONE product from our list.” I’d recently heard some bad news about them, and was somewhat leary of this “great offer”. So I stopped and googled your site. I’m glad I did! I agree that a class action lawsuit is in order to stop these vile parasites.
    Another good idea is to write/email/call major television networks. I am sure John Stossel could spend at least 15 minutes on the subject during “Give Me A Break!” The other networks would be worth a try as well. It would really get it out to the general public, and perhaps get some serious attention.
    Some time back, I received a notice in the mail that I had won a MAJOR amount of money, and had to SEND money to get it. It stank. I made a lot of phone calls, and was finally put in touch with, believe it or not, the U.S. Secret Service! It seems they have a special department set up to investigate these scams.
    It might be a good idea to check with them (as I intend to) and see if this particular type of scam is covered by their office (they may only deal with mail fraud). If not, I’m sure they could direct you to the appropriate person(s) or department. I live in Virginia, and contacted the office here about the prize scam. I was told to mail them all the notices I had received (about 3), along with any other information I had about it, which I did.
    So, why not give it a shot? Can’t hurt, might even help resolve this mess. The Virginia office is:
    U.S. Secret Service
    Washington Field Office
    Criminal Division
    Communications Center
    P.O. Box 6500
    Springfield, VA 22150
    202-406-8000 OR
    202-406-5000 (Financial Division main#)
    (These are D.C. phone #s.)
    (There may be Secret Service offices throughout the country, I don’t know.)
    I hope this information is of some help to all of you who have been so angered and frustrated by LET’S GET ‘EM!!!!!!!!!

  68. One thing this post alludes to, but doesn’t delve into fully, is how the “someone is looking for you” message can affect someone in a vulnerable state. A friend of mine, looking for her birth mother, found the woman on and sent her an email. Once she started getting the emails with subject lines suggesting the hunt was mutual, she was falsely hopeful. It is CRUEL to do this and assume we’re all savvy enough to know it’s an exagerration.

  69. Sadly is a Google sponsored website.
    Most of these posts are about phony memberships.
    They’re also into phony virus software. When I
    went to, I got a popup telling me I had a virus. Of course they had a product available to get rid of it.
    I hit cntl-alt-delete, exited everything and ran
    my virus software but messages like these are scary and expensive for novices.
    How do we get rid of these guys?

  70. OK!!!!! I am a man of action. If will not make themselves available to us the we’ll go through their neighbors. Here is a list of companies that share the building with them…..
    Drake Capital Mortgage
    2118 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 974
    Santa Monica, CA 90403
    (310) 828-0503,
    Harvest Home Inc
    2118 Wilshire Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA 90403
    (310) 452-1223,
    Inc Vocalocity
    2118 Wilshire Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA 90403
    (310) 526-8896,
    Ita Productions
    2118 Wilshire Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA 90403
    (310) 281-7772,
    NU Image Inc
    2118 Wilshire Blvd,
    Santa Monica, CA 90403
    (310) 887-6365
    Post Tel Business Center
    2118 Wilshire Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA 90403
    (310) 828-8645,
    Project Human Rights
    2118 Wilshire Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA 90403
    (310) 281-7825,
    Taylor & Syfan Consulting Engineers
    2118 Wilshire Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA 90403
    (310) 452-2450,
    Vocalocity Inc
    2118 Wilshire Blvd
    Santa Monica, CA 90403
    (310) 526-8894,
    O’brien & Company
    2118 Wilshire Blvd 692
    Santa Monica, CA 90403
    (310) 313-7285,
    What I am going to do is get the fax number for all of these companies and send them printouts of all the comments from here and other similar sites where there is hatred for these fraud mongers!!! I suggest everyone join me in this campaign. Write on the cover sheet “Beware! There fraudulent company running from this address. Do not do business with them! Seek their eviction!” Or something like that. This will indeed make things uncomfortable for these theives! 😉 Not just there neighbors, but what do you think Mr. landlord will think when he finds out he has criminals in his building?!?! Vengeneance is sweet! Everybody JOIN ME!!!!!!

  71. Happy to have found this page! These stories have been very enlightening. I got one of those ‘someone looking for you’ messages that I clicked on. Then it told me that I had a downloader that was trying to put porn on my computer. Luckily the IT guy at work had warned us about it, so I didn’t bite.
    Then I got another message this week to another email account with a person’s name that was trying to find me. I have already been communicating with her, and became suspicious.
    Now I’m off to warn my classmates about it (I’m one of our reunion committee people, and I keep the database). Thanks for sharing!

  72. Hey Mike. I wish I had seen your blog before now. My address book was snarfed today before I knew what was happening–as part of a reunion committee who had delegated the task of compiling classmates.
    Please let your readers know they can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Mine was filed this am at 12:15 EST, as well as the Southland BBB. I am going to find every blog I can in the next 6 months and report them on it, to get search engines to register the complaints at the top of the search return. For more information, please review the wiki on this company.
    This is an obstruction of privacy and this company needs to be held accountable to the general public.

  73. I to have had e-mail me several times. I was looking for a lost love and decided what the heck. So I signed up and they took the money from my account. Then when I went to log in it said that I need to pay for a subscription. Funny the money was already taken out of my account(Two days prior)!! These people need to be STOPPED!!! Several people have mentioned a class action suit well I’m all for it. By the way thanks for all of the addresses I will be using them.

  74. please inform me of any class action suits. I did sign up and called within 3 weeks. I calmly asked for a refund and explained that I was dis-satisfied with the service as all the info they gave was not for me. While she looked me up, she said that she was sorry I was unhappy. Once she foudn my info she said she could refund me $48 of the $59 – essentially charging me $12 for one month of service. I agreed, mainly because I thought that was better than nothing. The credit should be processed in 3-5 days (cross fingers) and I will repost if not. I also asked that she de-activate my account since I see no value. She said she did this. I’d still be interested in a class action suit as I think they are misleading and scamming people.

  75. Two things- one I emailed Rachel Glaser the COO at her reply: Lori,
    Tony is not with the company any longer, but I will make sure this gets taken care of today by our Customer Service team.
    Rachel Glaser
    Maybe I will see more of a refund- we will see.
    Two: if you are on linkedin you can see the CEO & Founder of Reunion- maybe give him an earful
    in Jigsaw he is listed as a bus dev person-
    Business Development
    +1.310.571.3144 x102 12200 W Olympic Blvd Ste 270
    Los Angeles, CA 90064-1041
    Rachel’s email was Her response came within 15 minutes of me emailing her and a person who is no longer with the company. If I learn more, I add a post.

  76. is a scam. I signed up for three months and somewhere/somehow they were able to charge my paypal account as a “subscription” for the next 3 months. Then, they decided to “automatically” make me a “premium member” just for fun. I really don’t remember reading that after the first 3 montsh, when my subscription expired, they would be able to automatically charge me again! Paypal claims I do not have a legitimate claim, but I don’t now how they are able to allow this kind of scam to occur. Reunion’s directions to deactivate took me to a screen only giving me options join the premium membership.

  77. I was just charged 38.00 to “renew” my subscription, which I have cancelled ..TWICE…and they just keep charging me. Cannot find a contact number (should have kept it from last time) can anyone help me out.

  78. I agree completely. Here’s what I did…
    1.) Filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau…
    2.) Filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission
    3.) Notified the Santa Monica, Ca City Attorney…
    4.) Filed a complaint with Internet Crimes..
    The Better Business Bureau rates as a “D”. Next to the worst rating they can give. If everyone takes the steps I did, we’ll get the scammers put out of business.

  79. Honestly? Are you people serious?
    First of all, yes reconnecting with old classmates and friends from years ago is cool, but why on earth would you pay for it when there are FREE companies out there offering the same service, AND used by more members, which makes them more likely to have a profile of the person you’re looking for? (*cough* facebook, MySpace, *cough*)
    Second of all, do you people seriously not know how to recognize spam? Of course there isn’t anyone looking for you – that is spam in your inbox to get you to register. Your email address has been sold and they will spam it, but making a profile so you can log in and ask them to stop spamming you won’t make it stop (that’s the whole thing with emails being SOLD), it will give them access to your address book, unless you’re smart enough to opt out of that “feature,” which I doubt most of you are if you actually gave them your credit card number.
    Lastly, who on earth EVER considered to be a reasonable company or anything other than annoying spam that belongs right next to the ads for pills to make certain body parts bigger or get rich quick schemes – in the trash can of your inbox.

  80. i am trying to get my user name and pass word as i have forgotten them the site keeps telling me it is sent to me but i never recieve them. i paid the money and can’t use the site
    i hope someone can address this problem

  81. Well, I haven’t read all the posts here, but maybe someone has touched on this. There appears to be a new tactic. I just rec’d an e-mail from Reunion, that my cousin signed up and invited tons of us to join. They had her e-mail correct, so I opted to start the joining process. I got to the part about inviting friends (I chose to do manual choices). It said an e-mail was sent to my e-mail provided and to open & validate. I did not follow throw, figuring I’d get to that e-mail later. Well, my cuz sends out a frantic e-mail to all her contacts stating she never signed up for Reunion, that in fact, the program hijacked her contacts from her e-mail account and sent their “your invited” email to all her contacts. This happened to her, because her friend had opened a Reunion e-mail and it hijacked his contacts, which she was one.
    So, it appears they are writing hijack spyware into their e-mails, and in our State, that is illegal, so I’ve forwarded the e-mails to the Secretary of State for CA and Atty General’s Office.

  82. Forget the tugs on the heart and all that…I did unsubscribe to and believed I had done so at Paypal but there have now been two payments that have gone through my account even though I am long cancelled as a subscriber.
    My next step is to dispute the charge through my credit card company.
    We just all have to be wise about who and what information we choose to share on line and realize that there really is no online governance and hence these businesses just don’t care. They are making thousands perhaps even hundreds of thousands of people who have no recourse. What we should be advocating for is more stringent rules as to how businesses can practice online.
    This is truly the faceless, nameless con platform of all time!!!

  83. Somebody’s email list was used to send my wife’s email account a virus email for the benefit of
    It then stole my wife’s mail list and spammed all them for
    Does anyone know their legal address?
    Does anyone know of any federal lawsuit we can participate in?
    I’m checking the RCW’s of WA state. hopefully will have a bad surprise there. It may be a violation of this states telecommunications laws.

  84. Today I recieved a message from my partner saying that reunion .com had charged our account 36.00. Last year they charged me for 2yrs which would have covered that 36.00. THE SCARY PART IS I didnt authorize them to do either one. The first time it was suppossed to be 18.00 for 1yr and they took it upoun themselves to charge me for 2yrs. To make matters worst the people that they claim are looking for me are all bogus. reunion .com is so full of crap.

  85. Today I recieved a message from my partner saying that reunion .com had charged our account 36.00. Last year they charged me for 2yrs which would have covered that 36.00. THE SCARY PART IS I didnt authorize them to do either one. The first time it was suppossed to be 18.00 for 1yr and they took it upoun themselves to charge me for 2yrs. To make matters worst the people that they claim are looking for me are all bogus. reunion .com is so full of crap.Its the truth and obviously whoever is accepting these comments cant handle the truth.

  86. Guys,
    If you paid by e-check from a PERSONAL checking account within the past 60 days, you prolly have recourse. Your bank MUST, upon your request (even verbal) return any automatic (ACH type) debit to your bank account that you ask them to, even if it is a legit debit. You DO NOT need to justify the request to your bank. These are the NACHA rules. If you’re out past 60 days, it’s still worth a try. NOTE: Many banks are themselves ignorant of these NACHA rules (not all) so you may have to press them for satisfaction.
    If you paid by credit card or debit card, you must initiate a chargeback through your card issuer. In this scenario, you do have to justify your dispute and will have to cite a reason such as ‘services not as described’, ‘services not rendered’ etc. You may have up to four months to do this.
    I am CEO of an e-commerce payments services company and decided to comment when a friend of mine was scammed by this site.
    Good luck!

  87. My whole contact addresses were sent an email from This is very embarrassing as I have not spoken to some of my contacts in ages.
    I never even paid for this service, I was just looking. How is this possible?

  88. I need help to stop my stalker who has opened a profile using my legal name on reunion to gather info on me if someone does contact me. I contacted reunion and they blew me off. This man stalking me has been stalking me on and offline for four yrs. I have protection orders, he has been in jail because of threating my life. Reunion and yahoo let it continue and won’t help me. I want to sue them both. Can anyone help me? Yahoo he has a casket picture up on profile he has already went to jail over proven it is meant for me. He reposted it again on a different site now but still yahoo. Casket still up today on it. I have printed death threats and physical threats over and over for four yrs now and then found this site in using my legal name but url has his email addy and if you link to anything on it it goes straight to his email address. Help me please. He is very dangerous.

  89. I just got an email from Paypal saying that $24 had been transferred from my bank account to for automatic renewal of my Reunion subscription. I don’t recall EVER signing up for automatic renewal (and NO REFUNDS!!!) Do I have to cancel my Paypal account to keep this from happening? I clicked the button to turn off the automatic renewal but I don’t recall ever signing up for automatic renewal in the first place. Ever since I joined, my spam has tripled and I win the African lottery several times a day. I think has sold my email address to every con-man in the world. Where is John Stossel when we need him? I want to be a part of a class-action suit. Dan229

  90. is a total scam. I received an email from them via a co-worker I had not had contact with for several years. I clicked on it and filled out the form only to find that it had sent an email to “everyone” in my address book saying that I wanted to connect with them via this included people I had been emailing at my company! well, the topper was when these people got an email several months later with a subject that said “today is Mike Mulkey’s 54th birthday!”. I did not realize this until my neighbor (who I don’t know that well) came up and wished me a happy 54th birthday!? now this may not seem that bad (I really don’t care that friends know my age), but I am looking for work in a very difficult economy and job market and knowing this went out to my professional network is very concerning!!!!
    other than filling out this form, is there more I can do to stop this?? appreciate any advice you have.

  91. They scammed me outta $60 when they said for 1 month $4.95 and they won’y return my calls.
    I just wanted to find a few old friends i lost touch w/ over the last couple years.

  92. I have been contacted by these people telling my daughter people are looking for her.In a state of rage I responded I was not a member. I added they were insensitive to contact me like this as my daughter had died last year. They asked for my address and more info and so on. That was Thursday. Friday my daughters name with my address was again told people were trying to contact her. Is there any action I can take? They have not gotten money from me just caused extreme emotional stress.

  93. I am so sorry that I signed up for, now it is another name.
    Most of those people that are looking for me doesn not have a clue who I am.
    I am going to see if I can get my money back.

  94. I am so sorry that I signed up for, now it is another name.
    Most of those people that are looking for me doesn not have a clue who I am.
    I am going to see if I can get my money back.

  95. Hi. I just posted a comment and I see that other people have let their name be used. I clicked to “forget personal information”. On second thought, go ahead and post my name; that way, if there is any response to my questions my name can be used.
    Thank you,

  96. now they changed thier name to “My” and are still camming poeple! i thought i was signing up for $5 service, yes entered my cr card info (stupid me) but did not click on final purchase yet htye charged me $1, $1, $59 in seconds and will not refund it!
    calling them does not good they just yell at you and hang up. its obvious they are scamming. thier number is 888-704-1900 if you want to try.

  97. They appear to be a total scam. They have been continually charging my credit card at $45 per charge, (not once) but multiple times a year since I signed up! I cancelled the service and they STILL submitted more charges. The fraud department at my credit card suggested I read posts on this site and add my comments, too. It seems they have gotten worse since the name change to “My Life”. The first hint was the name change. Who would do that if you have a clean reputation? I called their consumer relations department on more than one occasion, saying I NEVER signed up for such an agreement – meaning the reoccuring charges of $45 (not annual, but frequently). They just laughed at me and refused to refund any of the money. I am now filing a formal complain with the authorities in California. I have a feeling this will end in a class action lawsuit. Buyers beware. Don’t fall for their tactics – avoid them and save yourself a lot of grief.

  98. They have charged my account $14.00 for over two years. I just noticed this. I did not sign up. I am sure this is occurring all the time. And, I am on Classmates, by choice, so I wonder if this was somehow related. I think this is a class action just waiting to happen if someone near the location of the company could take it on. We do these here and this looks like a class that should be pursued.

  99. they did it again, I have cancelled my membership 4 times now and out of the blue, they have charged my debit card for $36.00 again without my permission and have overdrawn my checking account and I have incurred charges, I can’t get ahold of anyone to stop this madness, what can I do, I don’t have the money to put in my account to cover the charges as I have been out of work for over a yr now, this is crazy and shoul be against the law. Can anyone tell me how to get this stopped

  100. I signed up for reunion for 1 month, and this was years ago..I couldn’t keep them out of my bank account after that.I tried stopping it.. and stopping the drafts..I even blocked that specific amount they came back and took 35 dollars then 1 dollar rather than the usual charges. I closed my bank accounts 3 times and my debit cards 2 times..They changed their name to classmates and got back in…kept calling their numbers and had a furious argument with them… they stopped taking calls from me..I moved to another state for personal reasons for 4 months and moved back 12 months accounts..they have been in my account 7 times this year..I appealed through my bank..they reimbursed 3 months..2 months later I lost the appeal ..said they supplied a electronic signature…took their 3 months back out of my account…These people are a definate scam..DO NOT USE THAT SITE OR YOU WILL BE SORRY..YOU CAN”T GET RID OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Hi , please could someone give me a phone number to contact mylife reunion the one on the site seems to not work. thankyou x

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