The secret problem with the Sony Playstation-3 as a Blu-Ray player..

In my new reinvented media center, I have things well configured at this point, with a 40″ Sony LCD TV, a Philips Soundbar simulated surround sound Dolby speaker set, a super-slick all-region, PAL + NTSC Toshiba DVD player (bought on ahem the grey market) and a Sony Playstation-3 as the HD video player with its built-in Blu-Ray capability.
Except there’s one fly in the ointment, one problem with the Sony PS3 that really amazes me and makes me wonder how they ever shipped the device in the first place: it runs way too hot and when its internal fan kicks in, the background noise is so high that I can no longer hear the movie I’m watching without jumping up the volume quite a bit.
I bought a Nyko Intercooler third-party cooling assembly that snap onto the PS3 (funny that those are in the market at all. Speaks volumes of the pervasiveness of this design flaw from Sony) but that’s noisy too, so while it ostensibly helps, I still have a background whine from multiple fans that is similar to the background noise in the airport terminal when a jet taxis off to the runway. (I kid you not)
So my question: how many people have encountered this problem with the Playstation-3 and have suddenly realized that it cannot, in fact, be a busy component in a media center because of the ambient noise problem?
Me? I’m drooling over the LG BH200 HD player. Full support for Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. LG? You listening? You can send one to our offices and I promise we’ll review it and write about it. 🙂

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  1. Hi Dave,
    I don’t have this trouble with my PS3 at all – it’s quite quiet, I was surprised that it is quieter than the Wii or X360. Did you purchase it fairly recently? I wonder if over time they have changed parts suppliers and the more recent models are noisier (mine is one of the original NTSC units). One thing you could try, and I’ll admit it is fairly annoying, is to get some soundproofing mats and position them in the outflow from the fan. It will help to a degree. The only other possibility for loud equipment is to put it in a well-ventilated enclosure…
    (full disclosure, I used to work for the PlayStation division of Sony in the US)

  2. Dave,
    I have the same audio problem. It sounds like a humming noise and is very annoying plus I get a perpetual horizontal wave while using this thing. I paid alot of money and I am very disappointed that I can’t enjoy this thing. Please advise on what to do.

  3. I have a ps3 and it wont play normal DVDs, it will play games and blueray but not normal DVDs and this is the 2nd unit i got ?? anyone have the same problems?

  4. Playstation 3 is very loud and after eight months stopped reading blu-ray’s and games. Plays only reg. dvd’s

  5. My playstation is not at all noisy. i have had it since november 2006 and it works like a champ.
    The reason why the playstation runs so “hot” is because it is a computer. It gets about as hot as any of my stereo components i.e. receiver.
    “(funny that those are in the market at all. Speaks volumes of the pervasiveness of this design flaw from Sony)”
    Yea these fans are made for every console.

  6. I recently have a problem with my playstation 3 I bought it on 12/22/07 and it got messed up on 12/24/2008 which as you can see the warranty has expired. The problem i have is that it won’t load any game or movie.

  7. Ya I have the same thing…warranty expired by 1 week. talked to Sony service and they will do nothing. The only option is to send it in and pay the $150 flat service fee. Apparently it has to do with the latest patch burning out the blu-ray diode.

  8. same issue here. we had a system download and now nothing will work. I am on hold for about 9 more minutes with Sony. If anyone has any idieas, let me know. system restore I do not thin kwill do it as it seems to be the cd/dvd reader, no psin, no action of any sort. we have blown it out to make sure no dust.

  9. After having problems with my ps3 not loading/ recognising games or dvds I’ve spoken to several different repair shops,
    it seems that this is a very common problem, the repair shop I’ve taken mine to has 12 other ps3’s in the queue before mine,
    all have the same problem of the reader not recognising disks.
    Apparently it’s a known problem by Sony and they have revised and redesigned the blu ray reader twice so far but the problem has not been fixed.
    The servicemen I spoke to said the blu ray mechanism and the chip needs to be replaced but the only thing that they can be replaced with is the exact same (faulty) blue ray mechanism and chip (new obviously, but still a faulty product)
    as any other mechanism will not fit or work in the ps3.
    They also said they will charge me $300 (Australian) as the mechanism costs them $220 + the chip and labor,
    Both people I spoke to said Sony will charge $315 + postage and Sony have a 6-8 week turnaround.
    So here I am, I’ve spent $600 on the 40gb ps3 and now I have to spend another $300 to fix the damn thing, remembering my ps3 has only had 20-30 hrs use.
    Sony should never have released the damn thing if they hadn’t got it right, they should at least be willing to fix peoples ps3’s free of charge since they know their blu ray BS is faulty.
    Not impressed Sony.
    As for the noise problems you talk about dave, I haven’t experienced any, sounds like the bearing in the fan has gone, should be a relatively easy and cheap problem to have fixed.
    (assuming you don’t use Sony’s technicians to repair it)
    I suggest taking it to your local repair guy.

  10. dave,
    in the blog that said it may just be when u purchased it being the reason why its soo loud, i can agree and disagree mines loud and my friends 40gig is quiet, but my other friends 80 is louder than mine,so i think it might just be how hard it is working for the size of memory. Ive had my 60 gig ps3 since it came out, and yes it could cook my next meal and yes it is loud, but i bought that knowing that would be the case hints “sony computer entertainment console” but much like my computer, fans and furnace i zone it out. But ive wondered if this over heating has caused my ps3’s blue ray block to fry, a patch effecting it to me just seems unlikely. because my playstation had not been reading disks. when i left my playstation be for 2 months becuase i did not have the extra finances to send it to playstation. i was tired of not having music to listen to so after the two months i hooked it back up again and to my suprise it worked. it stopped reading disks a month and a half later again after that it stopped working why would it work like that when its broken? and now i see how many people have had the same problem, im frustrated with playstations customer support they fact that they put out faulty products in what seems to be just a money scandal to empty our wallets when ive allready spent 1150 dollars on the thing

  11. my playstation three wasnt working and then i saw something that told me to spray dust remover in it and i did and the blue button that is soposed to tell if there is a disc inside of it is rapidly blinking what do i do???

  12. Bad news, Austin. Anything you spray into a piece of electronics is going to mess it up, no question about it. I think you are going to need to either send it in for service or find a local authorized service center to have it repaired. If they can.
    As a general rule, don’t EVER spray anything in or on a piece of electronics.

  13. i lik my platsayshun two. it gud. me no lik enkish mush.
    i sprey my moshine wif miny spreys – PAM, shopolishe, paynt – it steel gud.

  14. My PS3 will read blu-rays, but only sometimes. I’ve got it sitting in my basement where the temp is 16 degrees celcius, so its nice and cool.. while watching blu-rays the machine will freeze up and need to be let sit for a while… i’ve taken the machine apart, and blown it out, so there is no dust. My thoughts are that there is something seriously wrong with it.. it takes me about 2 days to get through one movie, and i think im going to snap soon…anyone else have similar problems?

  15. Yes i’ve been having problems with my PS3, it will only lets me play games for like 30min. before it freezes when its loading. the sad part about it is that this is my second console, i send out my first one to get fixed and they just gave me a new one, but now my warranty has expired now i’m just frustrated with the damn thing what do i do now?

  16. My ps3 is 14 months old not used much I only like tomb raider type games.during playing it stopped reading disc contacted sony out of warrenty give us �99 for a repair.I now find out from a person in the know that ps3 has a design fault and if you get more than 1000 hours of you are lucky also that approx 30 thousand units are being repaired per month so not only is SONY selling faulty goods they are charging the public for there mistakes 30.000 x �99 great money making scam

  17. My ps3 is 14 months old not used much I only like tomb raider type games.during playing it stopped reading disc contacted sony out of warrenty give us �99 for a repair.I now find out from a person in the know that ps3 has a design fault and if you get more than 1000 hours of you are lucky also that approx 30 thousand units are being repaired per month so not only is SONY selling faulty goods they are charging the public for there mistakes 30.000 x �99 great money making scam

  18. i have never had a problem with my ps3. i’ve had it for a year and 3 months…i have problems with games blu-ray mmovies or dvds.
    it is a lot quieter than the xbox 360.

  19. i have NOT had problems with games, blu-ray movies or dvds. (my bad)
    play it every day for at least 5 hours. no problems.
    never “overheated” at all..

  20. I have two words “Extended Warranty”. After taking the hit on my XboX 360, I would never buy another gaming system without one.

  21. On Saturday we were trying to play a blu-ray movie and it kept freezin up so we stopped shut down and reset – then tried to play a game – no good – kept telling us our disc was corrupt!!! Read about problem online and did all the suggestions still no go… called Sony and you know what their troubleshooting questions are? Has your machine ever worked? NO you idiot I have just kept a machine for a year that didn’t work – stupid. Second Question – is it only happening on the one disc – NO – okay well we will send you instructions how how to pack up and send it to us with $150 and we will try to fix it – but hey you know we send you back a different refurbished one – not yours. Hello! AND we were told this was the first time that they had heard of the problem –when we mentioned all the stuff on the internet – he said – well you know its the internet – (you know its all made up) HA! We are thinking we have the extended warranty but have to find all paperwork…. but really SONY you are sucking. And for people who had the money to buy it at one time alot do not have it now to pay for repair so you have a piece of crap sitting in your house…..

  22. I’ve had the same problems with my PS3 not recognizing BluRay. So far, Sony has refused to fix my issue without the $150 fee. Ridiculous! This is a Sony problem that Sony needs to address.
    Please email me at if you are having a similar problem, I think if our numbers are great enough Sony will be forced to do the right thing and help their customers!

  23. I have 2 PS3’s with zero issues and one of them is a EU release day 60gb, both works like a charm and the noise that are saying is a damn lie.
    I had 60gb running folding with 39-42C degrees 24/7 and i could still watch TV.
    The truth is that you dont know nothing about PS3, you dont even have a PS3, if you had one you knew that the fan works harder and more often when PS3 upscales DVD than playing BD discs.
    ….and Nyko Intercooler… give me a break… all that is a joke

  24. The problem I have had with mine is that the video card card keeps going out. I baught mine in 2008 and I have had to send it back to the company 2 times. First the HD went out. The one I am sending back now will play videos and Bluerays but only with a hot pink pack ground. I like what it can do but I don’t like the fact that I have to send it back BC it dosn’t work.

  25. Re: Design Fault with the PS3
    Firstly mine does run quite loud but only when playing games and watching films via the bluray player. I dont seem to get as much noise when playing downloaded content or divx movies stored on the HD
    Secondly It does seem that the PS3 does have a major problem with the BR Drive mine is no longer reading any disc when I spoke to Sony and mentioned a “Design Fault” the operator got a little defensive and said firmly “that the PS3 does not have a design fault” it sounded to me as though he had been instructed not to admit that there was a problem. As I bought my ps3 on the day of release it is no longer covered under warranty and it will cost me 85 UK pounds to get it fixed

  26. I’ve had my 60gig since dec 06 and now it will not play ps3 games or bluerays. But it will play DVD,ps1,2 games and anything off the hard drive. It just happened and haven’t spoke with Sony yet. Sounds like I’m shelling out 150bucks to cock sucking Sony

  27. Cant we all get together and sue sony?. It sure seems like everyone I know and everyone here on the internet is having the same issue with it not reading discs after a short period of time. Good bye ps3. Hello Xbox360. ( Also an external Bluray player ) NOT FROM SONY.

  28. Same story as a lot of you. PS3 got the yellow light of death and Sony wants me to pay 150. My system never even felt hot, and the fan was fairly quiet. I kept my room dust free and put a blanket over the PS3 just to keep dust out. As of now I am refusing to pay Sony 150 bucks to fix my system. I have a lot of money rapped up in my PS3, but Sony has completely lost a long time customer. Even if I did send in my PS3 for repair I believe I will lose the movies/tv shows I had purchased from the Playstation Store. I am an angry Sony customer and I just pray that they will do the right thing and fix any PS3 that is experiencing the known hardware issues for free. Or at least make it a more reasonable price or extend the warranty after repair. Sony is really getting ridiculous.

  29. Hi, sorry to hear that you have been having problems.
    I have the 60Gb PAL version, I’ve had it for almost two years now. It has always sounded like a jet engine which had started getting on my nerves so posted a question about it on the ps3 forums and they suggested replacing the thermal paste between the heatsink and cpu + gpu.
    I replaced the rubbish white gunk with artic 5 and it doesn’t get to the third stage of fan speed anymore unless I’m playing GTA IV!
    If you do this be careful when putting it back together because I managed to crush the v small switch ribbon, I got a new one from consolewerks luckily.
    It still isn’t as quiet as I would like it to be but at least I didn’t waste 80 quid and a long time without my PS3.
    I’m think I’m trying to say is if you aint got the time to fix it yourself then don’t give Sony the satisfaction and take it to someone that will value your custom and give you good customer service.
    There are great videos on youtube on how to fix your ps3,even fix ylod!
    Thanks for your time


  31. I’ll put my two cents in. I have all the problems listed. Just got off the phone with SONY and they refuse to do a thing about it; outside of collecting a 150 fee to fix the PS3’s that do have their receipts. DO NOT PURCHASE anything from SONY. BOYCOTT SONY BOYCOTT SONY the day of throwing anything on the market is over.

  32. I have an odd problem only with blu ray….it will read it to the menu screen, when I select “play” it goes black for a moment, and then back to the menu screen. ANY ADVICE FOR ME?

  33. Sony needs to step-up. My Playstation 3 (40G) stopped working one year and two months after I purchased it (2 months after the warranty expired). I barely have any hours on it. It will not play any movies or games; it just sits on the menu screen. I’ll probably get it fixed for the $150, but I will not buy the next Sony console.
    Has anybody seen a site where everyone this has happened to can sign up so we can actually get a good count and maybe push Sony to do something?

  34. Don’t get a PS3 for watching blu-ray unless you don’t care about fan noise or you listen to movies so loud people walking by outside can hear the actors fart. If you like games this is great but also if you play something like GTA4 and get 4 star wanted level and all hell starts breaking loose on screen be prepared for a hurrican force wind sound from the PS3 if it gets to the 3rd level fan speed.
    I’ll end up buying a seperate Blu-Ray player for my entertainment center in the future.
    I was very let down with the fan noise issue.

  35. I have the same problem as many other user are reporting here and on other sites. The blue ray drive quit recognizing discs, any kind of disc, after 14 months of medium (approx 1-2hrs per day) use and now am faced with the no choice of repair or replacement with the slim unit. I don’t want the DB’s at Sony to get another dime of my money so I am considering a standalone player from Samsung or Panasonic. This is a known problem and

  36. I Had My PS3 For Quite Some Time, Worked A Treat But Then It Stopped Reading Disc’s. Everything Else Including The Internet Browser Worked.
    Turns Out You Have To:
    – Go Into System Settings
    – Back Up Utility Data Onto A USB External HDD
    – Format Utility Data And The PS3 System
    – Load The Backed Up Utility Data From The USB HDD Back Onto The PS3.
    TA-DA! Plays Discs Again.

  37. my blue ray also went out,1 month after the warrenty went out SUX,im not paying anther 300-400 dallors 4 another,hell ive had my PS2 for 6yrs and havent had a problem out of it…….(they dont make M like they use to)

  38. my playstation is no longer recognizing dvd’s, games, or anything and based upon the comments u guys have posted im screwed… is there anything we can do to get a playstation that can work. i want it repaired i never did anything wrong to it, i took good care of it, there should be no reason why it stops working.

  39. I am having the same issue with disc reading, I haven’t talked to sony yet but in any case if they ask for $150 as everyone is saying, I am not willing to pay that much, and I would say the same to you guys instead of taking this shit from sony we should take action. There was lawsuit which was filed against them for the same reason but it hasn’t gone anywhere so I would say instead of just sharing your problems with eachother lets do something about this and get this problem solved once in for all.

  40. Not a computer. So what I can browse the internet? I can’t listen to music from youtube while being on another address, I can’t upload any software, my seaches have to go through google, etc.. I’ve already sent one in that crapped out and they sent me back a refurbished one with none of my memory. I had to start all my games from the beginning again! If a cd is barely scratched it won’t read( unlike a computer ). Mine is real noisy. This system is overpriced. This second one is already having problems but I don’t want to send it in and lose all my memory. Maybe I can use some sort of usb memory card( I have the 40gig ) but I shouldn’t have to. Microsoft and Sony both suck. Nintendo has always been good to me except always having to blow and wiggle those games back in the day!

  41. I have the exact same problem also. I put in a blu ray game(tried all of them) it loads and no disc appears. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting they said to do. Nothing has worked. Pretty pissed off since this is my 2nd PS3 without warranty.

  42. my playstation doesnt read blue ray disc ether and it pissis me off i didnt have this problem with my ps2 i think sony should get their act together and start making more reliable systems i mean come on i paid 500 dollars for a piece of junk.

  43. P.S.3 worked fine until I tried to plug it into the hotel t.v. I now get a message on the t.v. screen that says “unrecognizable signal from host”. What?????

  44. I have the same problem, with the same nonesense from Sony – they act like they have never heard of the problem, say it’s hardware, etc. I really was looking forward to FF XIII…some much for that…on the plus side, I have a cool looking DVD player…I will NOT pay $150 to have Sony give me a refurbished system that will just die again after their 90 day warranty expires.

  45. I am appalled on how many PS3 users are having such problems. I received my PS3 May of 2009. Haven’t had any issues. It’s the 80 GB model. So i’ll be watching it like a hawk now! it is in an entertainment center, but it’s open, on the second shelf on top of an old 8mm VCR that is just sitting for now. Sounds like a class action suit should come from all of the lemon units that are out there.

  46. I know ps3 is said to be crap is but there any certain type of ps3 that has the least amount of faults. And what about ps2? Does ps2 have any problems.

  47. ok well the playstation 3 has gone threw 5 yes 5 diffrent makeovers my 60 worked like a charm AS the system got hotter the fan would pick up speed to keep it cool it did die just a few weeks ago and here are a few tips to keep it going dust these things love dust so keep something around to blow out the dust every so offin heat rises if yours is like mine it has vents on the side on the bottom and on the back stand it up so the heat can escape a little easyer and for gods sake dont put it in a cabinet that will be like a oven and you WILL cook your system keep it out in the open and dont set it on another electronic most of them give off heat to

  48. my original ps3 died in early 2010. refused to play any discs at all. i went and bought a new one. that lasted 5 months and then refused to play games or blu ray movies. as it was under warranty sony told me send it in and they would send me a brand new one. today i got my new one and guess what? it was second hand firstly by the look of the scratches on it and also the drive mechanism is stuffed i didnt even get to put a cd in it. i will never again pay a cent towards this rip off company called sony.

  49. my ps3 is not going bad at all maybe you will get a bad one but doesn’t mean the ps3 cant work well. plus the ps3 doesn’t burn that much. maybe next time you will get a good one. Also clean it that what you have to do and works smoothly fine

  50. Also imagine theres alot alot alot people that have the ps2, there might be a couple of people that have problems

  51. I strongly urge every owner of a defective PS3 system to contact Sony directly. Find an email or snail-mail address online. Send a brief message and include the model and serial number, date of purchase, and point-form list of the problems you’ve had.
    Be polite, concise, and firm. Indicate your severe disappointment with the product and lack of support.
    Why? It’s the ONLY way Sony will decide to deal with the problem. They will only carry out design improvements and look after customers when they get enough direct feedback. There is a small chance you’ll get some help with your system, too.
    After that, if you have no warranty left it is possible to get a PS3 repair manual online. It’s a small expense, and guaranteed so you’re not risking anything. The product I recommend is by a man who repairs them for a living.
    It’s worth a couple of hours of your time to try when you’ve invested that much in a gaming/entertainment system. Click my name to see my site for more information.

  52. I probably have 10 hours total play time on my Blu-ray PS3 and it is so noisy we can barely hear a movie. We have it sitting in an upright position and run a fan next to it. I HATE the noise.
    I laughed out loud when I read about a young man who has his PS3 propped on top of two Cambell’s soup cans in order to keep the jet engine in his PS3 from kicking into gear.
    Sony should definately replace our players. This is ridiculous. It has made me vow to NEVER purchase another Sony item.

  53. Yeah, same story here. PS3 will not read ANY media inserted. Tried all the steps . . . nada.
    How are they getting away with this? Where is Ralph Nader when you need him?
    I wont buy another Sony product. Hello xBox. Unfortunate. Really unfortunate.

  54. same story folks,my ps3 is not recognising blu ray disc at all,im on my 6th ps3 & its the same problem everytime.i have five service request receipts for prove,the only thing sony will tell me is that they will gladly fix it for 160$.who in their right mind would pay that when it has yet to work.someone please help me PLEASE

  55. Well, I glad to hear I’m not the only one getting screwed over here. I started having problems with online games freeing up specifically Madden 10, COD mW2. Today I bought COD Black Ops brand new and PS Move accessory. Put in Black Ops…Wouldn’t load…repeatedly…took it back and exchanged for another unopened copy…same damn thing. So, Tried to use the PS Move, error 8001002B… wouldn’t load the game. Called Sony, went through the troubleshooting over the phone…no results. They looked up my warranty and it expired 2 DAYS AGO!!! Now I must pay the $128 to have it serviced… WHAT A FREAKIN JOKE!!! I wish I could get all of my money back I ever spent on all the crap for the PS3. I despise Microsoft and now I am beginning to despise SONY!

  56. i have bought a ps3 silm 120mb i had it less then a year i sent it to sony cuz i started to hhave a prob. with it i called to see what was takeing so long to fix it thay told me some void sticker was removed witch i have no idea what thay are takin about no one else used my ps3 but me i would take a vacum to the vents to clean out the vents there is no way i could open it n e way it has a scruw that i never even seen i think thay are trying to get over on me what can i do?

  57. i’m on my 3rd ps3 in 3 years , imo the things an unreliable piece of junk , built by sony just to push blu rays , first one blew up with cod waw stuck in it , second one packed up six months later , if this one goes too i’m binning it and going back to my macs , at least they work.
    the crappy graphics card , the over complicated cell cpu , the weird ram issue , the list goes on and on
    as a gaming platform it’s rubbish , then again the 360 may be better for gaming but it’s even noisier and even more unreliable !
    this whole generation is just garbage
    as for the wii , well nothings going on inside to overheat that silly little toy , is it ?
    i had more fun on the ps2 than all this lot put together , ok that was noisy too but at least it’s still working !

  58. my ps3 will only play background sound without speech. it’s connected straight to the tv and doesn’t go through an av receiver.
    does this happen to other people and csn anyone help.

    – unplug your cable line while playing games!
    – the coolest thing, no pun intended, that we’ve seen for battling the heat issue is the Koolance liquid-cooling system. You’ll have to eBay the custom PS3 processor manifolds, since they aren’t made anymore, but it surely will beat the intercooler fans.
    – we’re hearing more people reporting hotter power supplies when PS3-powered intercoolers are used. Try an exteral fan that comes with its own power supply.

  60. People, do not take this crap from Sony. They *know* they’re selling a defective product. Most of the problems are from either YLOD and/or Blu-ray drives. When this happens, *contact* Sony directly and tell them, nice and politely, the problem. Tell them your PS3 broke due to *Sony’s* negligence, this isn’t the customers fault. Unless you physically brought damage to your PS3, you’re fine, even if it’s out of warranty. Our consumer act actually protects us by *law*, it’s meant to prevent issues just like this. Thus, Sony is breaking laws by making us pay for their faulty products. It really is a big scam, because not many people are STANDING UP to them. If this happens to you, fight Sony and demand a free fix if the problem was theirs (I.e. YLOD, Blu-ray failure). Be persistent, don’t let them get away with this. Contact the BBB if you have to. Call and email the heck out of Sony. You’ll be compensated if you make your point, give them proof of the widespread issue if you have to! Is all over the Internet.

  61. I / We ( my wife and I ) were logging some serious hours of play time recently with FF 13 and movies. Behold the great Sony oracle advises there is a new update available and is needed to play some blueray movies. so what the heck Sony knows why they are doing with their PS3 and DRM right.. WRONG now that I look back since that update I cannot read DVD/CD or BR disks. I can hear it spin a little but no auto play not nothing and acts as if there is no disk in drive at all. Was working without issue prior to V 3.60. I am looking at now PS3 as opposed to getting the fat one fixed as it is 149.99 + 30 to get them to look at it. Heck, a new PS3 is 299 and I don’t have the emotion chip one I have working 2.5 SATA drives. I’m really ticked and Burned out on Sony that the repair costs as much at the new thing and that it is very possible that their update killed my PS3 along with others. The game prices of this as well as general quality seem lacking as compared to xbox360 and PC/Linux/Mac hardware.. What gives in prices that only drop in 5-6 years + ??? Be nice if Sony sold external BR drives that work on PS3 and PC as a quick fix and also they’d get more ppl buying Sony brand for PC and PS3 perks. Everything else works in PS3.. just the BR drive is non-responsive when it comes to playing – what a scam. ***Note to BR movie players out there – use set top or better yet BR drives in PC they are general standard, it will keep your PS3 from having OT wear if you don’t play dvd/BR movies on it, also PC BR drives are down to 50-60 bucks on NE now….

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