PR Tip: Exciting products should have exciting press releases too

Last week I survived my visit to the lion’s den with my talk on “PR is Dead” to the Public Relations Society of America‘s Colorado chapter retreat. No brickbats (what the heck is a brickbat anyway?), no scars, and rather a surprising number of PR professionals from major agencies coming up to me afterward saying “you were spot on, Dave!”
My main point in the talk was that modern public relations is about getting journalists and the media (which of course includes us bloggers too) excited about products, services and companies, but while also recognizing that we need our autonomy. It’s not about control, it’s not about being the gatekeeper for corporate info and communications. I can’t really summarize a 50 minute presentation in two sentences, but that’s the gist of my main idea, at least.
In this modern world where there are thousands more “journalists” than ever before, there are nonetheless similar challenges that have faced PR since the profession was created: standing out from the crowd.
That’s why I’m so amazed by the release I got this afternoon entitled “***Worlds Collide as Midway Unleashes Eagerly-Awaited Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe***”.
So, with that title, you expect something at least mildly visually interesting, don’t you? And yet, here’s what I got:

midway mortal combat press release

This is so boring it’s painful to even get in my inbox. We’re coming into the second decade of the 21st century, guys, isn’t it time to start creating communiques that are visually engaging already??
Mostly I’m just so struck that this major media news for the gaming world that’s built upon dozens of very well known comic book figures has been boiled down to the most boring, uninteresting, unengaging press release possible.
Do they really expect any pickup at all??

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