Oh don’t exceed that crazy disk quota!

Alright, if my son wasn’t so darn cute, I’d have to send him off to China today. Last night he managed to make one of my Red Hat 10 install CDROMs vanish into thin air (I’m still looking for it!) just when I’d finally gotten Red Hat 9 to install and boot properly on my Gateway box (thanks Dee-Ann and Michael!).

So last night was a comedy of transfers. We’re talking about a 634MB file that’s needed to recreate the disk, so it’s big. We finally settled on having a mutual colleague upload the necessary .iso image onto my server, which I’d then download it, delete it, and all would be well. Right?

Wrong. What happened instead was that at about 3am or so their upload stopped because I hit my “hard” disk quota on my Verio VPS server and, well, things went bad from there.

I woke up to about six new messages instead of my usual 100+ (almost all spam, I’m not that popular! 🙂 and lots of email retrieval errors from my mailer. Worse, the .iso file was only about 344MB on the server, so it was dead useless. I deleted it, and am waiting for my mail to slowly ooze its way back onto my server as all the out-of-disk-space bounces slowly retry and resolve.

But where this mystery CDROM is, I have no idea. It must be somewhere in my house or office, but … WHERE?


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  1. Update! I found the CDROM on the dog bed and have now successfully reinstalled RedHat 10 again and, with the addition of the acpi=off boot-time flag, can successfully launch the OS and cruise…. so those of you in Timbuktu do not get to have a new half-pint visitor after all. 🙂

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