Listen up: A couple of recent podcast interviews

In case you haven’t bumped into me at a conference, workshop or other event, I like talking about business, marketing communications, and, of course, business blogging. 🙂 It’s no surprise then that I am often invited to radio programs, teleseminars and even podcasts to chat with the host or hosts about these topics and whatever else may come up.
In the last month or so I’ve been involved with a couple of these that I’d like to mention and point you towards, of varying length but all worth listening, I hope!

Interviews with Experts
First off, I just a few days ago wrapped up a one-hour interview with “The Blog Squad” (blogging experts Patsi Krakoff and Denise Wakeman) that talked about what makes a successful business blog and how to pull more traffic to your own weblog, but also wandered off into the early days of the Internet and much more. It’s fairly long, but I think it’s a terrific interview and should be most listenable: Conversations with Experts: Dave Taylor (MP3 audio file, quite large).
A week or so prior, while visiting my friends Larry and Pat Nelson at their recording studios, we spent some time chatting about business blogging too, an interview you can listen to here: Business Blogging and the Blogging Party.
We also talked about my Google book while we were there too: Dave Taylor’s Growing Your Business with Google.
Joe Pezzillo’s On The Internet
Finally, if that’s not enough, I was invited into the extremely cool KGNU studios in Boulder by local podcast guru Joe Pezzillo, where Larry Nelson (of and I chatted briefly with Joe about the Blogging Party. You can listen to it here: Colorado Tech Week’s Blogging Party.
My thanks to each and every one of these audio folk for letting me share my perspective on business and blogging. If you’re a podcaster or radio interviewer, please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in my being a guest on your show too!

2 comments on “Listen up: A couple of recent podcast interviews

  1. So Dave….
    When are you going to start doing your own podcast, at least occasionally?
    You’ve already got great recording gear. You’re already a great speaker. Just add an RSS 2.0-format feed so you can append enclosures like MP3 files and you’re set!
    I know… You’re anti-podcast… Riiiiiiiigggght…
    I dare you, Dave. I double-dog dare ya!
    – Amy Gahran
    Editor, Contentious

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