Learn How To Make Money Blogging, with Darren and Andy

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Having spent years in the blogging space and having been a speaker or participant at most of the major new media conferences in the last few years, I’m privileged to know just about everyone on the so-called blogging “A list”. They’re a good bunch, all in all, not too many that are snooty, though their egos are, uh, well, ‘nuf said on that! 🙂
A surprising number of these folk have leveraged their online visibility into success in other areas or grown their weblog into a “blogging network” or multi-author, multi-site empire. For the rest of us, the bloggers who prefer to have things stay simple and small, most are still trying to figure out how to realize the magic of traffic –> revenue rather than traffic just producing hosting headaches and larger ISP bills.
A couple of people have done just that, however, turned an avocation into a vocation, gone from casual hobbyist bloggers into professional online writers, producing great content day after day, week after week, gaining a following and understanding how to turn the dream of revenue-from-traffic into reality.
Problogger logoOne of the best at this is Darren Rowse, who runs Problogger.com. We’ve never actually had the pleasure of meeting (logistics are a bit more tricky since he’s based in Australia), but every time I read another of his blog entries my respect for him goes up another notch. If you’re not reading his site, you’re missing a gold mine of ideas and blog revenue info.
Darren’s a “six figure blogger”, someone who has mastered the science (it’s not an art) of building significant traffic, producing top-notch content, and transforming it all into a veritable river of income. Sounds good, doesn’t it?
Blog Wild!Now, let me also talk about my friend Andy Wibbels, who runs the ingeniously named Andy Wibbels.com, consults to a lot of companies about how to use blogs and social media, and has written one of the best primers on the jargon and concepts behind blogging too, Blogwild! A Guide for Small Business Blogging. In a very different way, Andy also gets how to leverage visibility online into a very comfortable living too.
Given their backgrounds and position in the blogosphere and new media business world, it’s not an exaggeration to say that when Darren and Andy put out a course on how you can become a six figure blogger, you should pay attention.
If you’re still trying to figure out how writing about a subject you’ve a passion about can be lucrative, you’re the perfect student for this course.
I chatted with ’em about the course (which starts in just a few days!) and learned quite a bit more about it. More importantly, I found out that it costs less than what you’ll probably pay for airfare alone to your next Internet conference. You’ll have access to both of these sharp guys and a chance to learn their insider secrets, something that’ll undoubtedly pay for itself within just a few weeks.
I don’t like just promoting something without some sort of special deal for you, my readers, so I am making this very special offer:

Register for their six figure blogging course through my affiliate link (below), email me your registration receipt, and I’ll send you a signed copy of my popular book Growing Your Business with Google as supplemental reading. That’s a good deal, I’d say!

My suggestion to you, before the clock runs out, they start the course and you’re left wondering how to turn your tiny trickle of money into a river of revenue, is to stop thinking about your future and do something about it:

Click here to sign up for Six Figure Blogging
with Andy Wibbels and Darren Rowse!

I’m confident in their ability to deliver top-notch material and you should be too.

Disclaimer: I know both these guys and know they’ll do a great job. Having said that, yes, I have affiliate links on this page too and if you register for their course through my link, I’ll make a few bucks.

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