Kudos to Apple for astonishingly fast service turnaround

I’m amazed: I called Apple on Monday to file a trouble report with my 1Ghz PowerBook and request that they send a service shipping box out to me so I could send the unit in to be repaired. The problem was that from the first day I bought it, the hinge has been ‘too tight’ and so it creaks and makes rather scary noises each time I adjust the display on the unit. If nothing else, it certainly added stress to the display assembly where there shouldn’t be any.

Anyway, I called 800 SOS-APPL Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning had a DHL shipping box delivered to my door. I packed up my laptop and dropped it off at the local DHL drop off point (a Mailboxes Etc less than a block from my house, conveniently) and this morning was startled to see a DHL truck pull up to the front door with… my fixed laptop! Elapsed time, less than 48 hours. Oh, and they replaced the ECN battery without me even asking, so I got a new battery out of the deal too.

Congratulations, Apple, on a job very well done!

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