Interesting job opportunity: blogger with RSS knowledge

A colleague of mine, Eric Thom, over at RSS Applied, sent over the following job listing that I imagine a number of people wanting to more into the blog world professionally will find of great interest…
RSS Applied has been focused on the business opportunities presented by RSS and Weblogs for years, and we�re ready to bring another person onboard. This position will involve intense daily research focused on the latest RSS technology news, business blogging strategies, corporate communications, podcasting applications, as well as blog design and navigation.

RSS Applied has a very strong corporate ethics policy and we�ll need you to have a personal and work ethic that�s just as strong. Effective business blogging is built around credibility, and that�s the heart of our published work too, so being an original thinker is something we prize quite highly.
Interested in applying? Please start by exploring our Web site, RSS Applied, and company, then writing an interesting, innovative and informative blog entry of your own.
Email us the link (to ‘manage’ at ‘’) along with your resume and we�ll add you to the pool and, hopefully, call you up for an interview soon thereafter.
I have to say that RSS Applied are doing some smart work in the area of RSS systems, and are helping a lot of high profile customers explore both business blogging and RSS syndication and information dissemination through the use of Myst Technology’s superb offering in this area.
I should note, however, that this position will start out as an unpaid gig, but Eric tells me that it’ll quickly become a paid position as the candidate demonstrates their skills and expertise.
Finally, I have to give these guys credit for coming up with a smart way to not only quickly identify good bloggers, but also create some inbound links for their site along the way too. Now, let’s see who comes forward to fill this position.

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