I received a Community Service Award!

Well, actually, I received notification that I’ve received a community service award that I’ll be receiving at an awards dinner next week. It’s to do with my efforts with Go Boulder!, a local transportation agency. I started out volunteering to help with the regional RTD EcoPass (subsidized bus pass) program for our 70-house neighborhood here in Boulder, and then ended up being co-coordinator for the area. Now I also help manage a simple Web site for our neighborhood too.
In addition, I’ve spent many hours with the great folk at Go Boulder talking about ways that we can further publicize the bus pass program (it’s a great deal, but that’s another story) to achieve a level of participation where we might just have a program where everyone who lives in Boulder can ride the bus for free, even to Denver, skiing up in the Rockies or DIA airport.
In any case, this is exciting! I’ve never received a community service award before!

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