How do people find a weblog?

I’ve been exploring my blogshares entry (which isn’t too bad, my weblog is calculated to have a worth of $37k!) and am quite interested to find that there are lots of people pointing to this site that I don’t even know. It’s sort of the anti-trackback mechanism, where people point to you, but you don’t know about it. Here are a couple of the more interesting ones I found:

  • Arita’s Abode (who are you, Arita?)
  • Seth-Tech (at least Seth makes it more clear that I’m on his site because we both went to the Gnomedex geek-a-thon in Des Moines a few weeks ago)
  • (which is an interesting entry because when I go to that site, I don’t see my site listed. My theory: he had the gnomedex blogroll, but no longer has it on his site, but blogshares doesn’t clear its cache with any frequency)

There are plenty more links listed, many of which I know because they’re from friends and colleagues, like Chris Pirillo, Jake Ludington, Barbara Feldman, Michael Worth, and David Lawrence.

There are still some wierd effects of my having more than one blog too, of course, where the link from AP parenting is worth $550 in “blogshare bucks”, as is the link from my booktalk site.

Theory: if you built 10-15 weblogs, had them all point to each other, and had a tool that automatically injected news into the weblog dataset each day, with links at the bottom of each entry pointing to the other weblogs, you could quickly ‘game’ the blogshare system and have weblogs worth lots of money.

Anyone want to try it? I don’t think it’d be too hard somehow…

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  1. Hello! I’m Arita (aka Betty)…I can’t even remember how I found your journal (think it might have something to do with the computer stuff), but I read it every few days or so 🙂

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