First review of “Wicked Cool Shell Scripts”

I haven’t yet found it online, but a copy of a very favorable review of my new book Wicked Cool Shell Scripts, written by Mary Norbury-Glaser of MacinTech, found its way to my mailbox this morning. In her review, she says:

This incredibly fun book (really!), written by Dave Taylor, a veteran UNIX, Solaris and Mac OS X author, is chock full of 101 scripts to customize the UNIX (Bourne) shell…

In true “cookbook” fashion, each hack is numbered and divided into The Code, How It Works, Running the Script, The Results and Hacking the Script. Throughout, the author clearly describes the syntax and functionality of each script, often with additional notes in How It Works detailing the syntax process and interesting asides. But Hacking the Script is what gives Wicked Cool Shell Scripts true value; where applicable, the author uses this section to describe script modifications to achieve a variety of alternative real world, practical results. This additional section alone easily triples the total number of scripts the reader is exposed to.

All I can say is “Thanks, Mary!”

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