Email for business? Get a real domain!

hotmail sign inI had a company repair and rebuild a bunch of windows in my new house last week and just got a nice followup email from them about the job and how to maintain the new windows so that there are no warping issues or clogged weatherstrips, etc.
What struck me about the message, however, was that the return email address was
      account name
Yeah. A business that, I’m guessing, is clearing over $200,000/yr and their digital identity is tied to their ISP. If Comcast changes its account name structure, or they forget to pay their hosting bill, then what? Their email address is dead.
I see this all the time with companies sending email from or What amazes me, though, is when I see a consultant, contractor or other professional send me an email from
Here’s my Monday morning tip for y’all as a result: If you have a business, get a domain, then use that as your email address. Even if you don’t want to have a Web page, which I guess is not a critical problem, having your email come from a free public email hosting service? Not so professional after all…

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. A business without a business email just looks out of place. We make the same recommendation at boulder computer repair whenever that same thing crops up. You can’t look respectable as a business with a address. It’s worthless.

  2. Some people may not have realized it but having an e-mail address for one’s business would add to its professionalism and respectability. Thank you for this article.

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