Cool search stats from my Lijit Widget

Very cool stuff. Now that I slapped a Lijit search widget on my busy Ask Dave Taylor (you know the blog, it’s that free tech support thing I dabble with. 🙂 I get all sorts of interesting stats that I don’t recall seeing with my previous Google Custom Search Engine.
For example, feast your quantitative eyes on this:
Total searches (last 1 days): 1213
Total searches (ever): 1213
Average searches per day (last 1 days): 1115.02
Average searches per day (ever): 1114.98
Total page views (last 1 days): 47724
Total page views (ever): 47724
Average page views per day (last 1 days): 43869.2
Average page views per day (ever): 43867.33
Conversions from view to search (last 1 days): 2.5 %
Conversions from view to search (ever): 2.5 %
Total Re-searches (last 1 days): 34139
Total Re-searches (ever): 34139

So my site sees over 1100 searches/day – and that’s on a weekend when traffic is slower – which is pretty darn staggering. More interesting is that only 2.5% of people search for answers: most of them already did their search on Google. This is probably a strong testament that Google does a splendid job matching their searches with good results already, so that 97.5% of visitors are already on the content they seek.
Then there’s this:

Lijit Traffic and Search Statistics: Map View

Not sure what’s up with you folks in Seattle, but perhaps it suggests that Microsoft needs to do a better job with Windows help? 🙂
I’m still getting the hang of Lijit but if you’re interested, I suggest that you check out my getting started with lijit tutorial to see how easy it is to add this free search system to your own site or sites.

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