Conference pass to GNOMEDEX 6.0 up for auction

I’m bummed. For the last few years I have enjoyed going to my friend Chris Pirillo’s GNOMEDEX events. They’re reminiscent of the Hackers conferences I used to go to at least fifteen years ago (back before hacking was a media sport and was a positive, not a negative, attribute) but with a liberal sprinkling of bloggers, podcasters, and other so-called Web 2.0 type people.

Unlike other events, Gnomedex’s are all about the “doers” not the posers too, so the quality of the crowd is quite exceptional. Last one I attended, in Lake Tahoe, was a seriously good time for all, and lots of fun to boot.

When Gnomedex 6.0 tickets became available for the event starting in about a week, I promptly bought one for $449, knowing that the event always sells out. It did this year too. But, alas, I cannot attend and there’s no refunds on conference tickets.
Thus: Full Gnomedex 6.0 conference pass for sale on eBay.

Here’s what Chris says about the event:
Gnomedex is a Tech Conference
  •   Who? Influencers, Entrepreneurs, and Enthusiasts!
  •   What? A confluence of leading bloggers and new media!
  •   When? This summer, June 29 – July 1, 2006!
  •   Where? Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle, WA!
  •   Why? Because all things are possible!
We are…
  •   Business Models Brought to Life
  •   The People Aggregator
  •   Movers, Shakers, & Deal Makers
  •   A tap into the Conversation Economy
  •   Thought Leaders, Industry Influencers, Entrepreneurs
  •   Continuous online conversation and PR
  •   The most affordable conference of its kind
  •   Important for new, existing company strategies
  •   Essential for the success of Internet businesses
  •   An annual conference that sells out early
All attendees receive…
  •   A full conference pass
  •   Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages (unlimited)
  •   Wi-Fi, professionally managed (two T1s)
  •   Their own electrical outlet for power
  •   The official Gnomedex t-shirt
  •   A single-track conference with quality content
  •   Business networking opportunities
The list of speakers and attendees also looks like a who’s who of the blogging and online world, I have to admit. Some highlights: Senator John Edwards, Om Malik, David Winer, Steve Rubel, Halley Suitt, Steve Gillmor, and many other cool folk.
I wish I could attend, but cannot. Instead, hopefully someone else will be inspired to pop over to beautiful Seattle, Washington next weekend (!) and attend in my place. If you’re interested, please don’t miss the chance to get into the main conference at the last minute by bidding on my eBay auction:
Full Gnomedex 6.0 conference pass for sale on eBay

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