Colorado Business? Maybe you need an “Extreme Makeover”

I just can’t say enough good about Larry Nelson’s great idea spun out of the recent Colorado Tech Week for an “Extreme Makeover for a High-Tech Business”. Inspired by the spate of reality shows that people seem to enjoy so much, Media Network will choose a Colorado-based high-tech company and pour professional resources into it with the intent of helping the company leapfrog directly to its next stage of development.
In a graphic, here’s how to think of the process:


Image © 2005 by w3w3 media network

The company to be selected must be at least five years old, in the high tech industry, have a meaningful revenue stream and be poised to go to the next level.

If you know of any Colorado companies that meet this set of criteria, this really is a fascinating chance to get what I’d imagine will be well over $50,000 in free consulting from top experts in legal, accounting, sales, IT, security, software development, Internet-based marketing, and much more.
Even better, if you are the first one to suggest the company that’s eventually chosen, you could see a cool $500 thank-you payout for yourself, along with the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping a good company become a great company.
(Maybe we should get Colorado resident and Good to Great author Jim Collins on the team too?)
I’m hoping to get involved as a member of the talent pool, and you can too, if you’re also based here in Colorado. It’s going to be a great experience, I’m sure, and a chance to work alongside some of the very best business minds in the state, if not the nation.
Learn more about the Extreme Makeover at Extreme Makover of a High-Tech Business, and don’t forget to also subscribe to Larry Nelson’s weblog to keep up on the latest developments with this very cool project.
For those of you not based here in the beautiful state of Colorado, are there any other “makeover” efforts that you’re excited about or even just think are cool? Let’s hear about them!

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