blog news site? Rumor has it…

A little bird told me that Google tendered an offer for popular blogger firm Pyra late last week and that it was accepted. Which leads to the inevitable question: where is the central spot for news about the business of weblogs, blogging, and online journals? Not news about the latest entry in a blog – though that’s of interest too, but covered well by sites like wander-lust.

I’m talking about something like “” or “TheDailyBlog” or something. A site that sifts the newswires for the regexp (blog|weblog) and shows the matching headlines on the hour. Surely something like that must exist! and if not, drop me a note and let’s create it together!

In other blog news, I was reading about an email to blog interface, which is a darn interesting idea. Imagine an email address where you could send your missives and have them automatically turned into blog entries on your site. It’s the next logical step towards a nation of exhibitionists all seeking voyeurs. 🙂

Or is the point of blogging something entirely different??

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