The Best Internet Marketing Deal of 2007 is Happening Today!

2006 was an interesting year for me as I moved from academic and business conferences into the often more questionable world of Internet Marketing. There are lots of sharp people who are helping others learn how to use legit tools to earn a credible living, but there are also plenty of shysters, people who doubtless sold used cars before they got into the Internet and will be filming infomercials from rented boats with rented bikini-clad babes after their particular Internet hype fails to materialize.
Nonetheless, it’s been instrumental in my evolution from thinking about my online efforts as a “cost center” into a “profit center”, so even if I’ve met some dubious folk, I am quite thankful to have also met a lot of really great people.
If you’ve been paying attention to my speaking gigs, I spoke at five Internet Marketing events in 2006, from the World Internet Summit in Las Vegas to the Focus 4 the Future event in Dallas. The best event? The System in Chicago, the only event where I’m planning on speaking again in 2007.
StomperNet logoBut it’s not because I’m bailing on Internet Marketing. Quite the opposite: through the efforts of my good friends and colleagues Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon, I’m now a faculty member of their extraordinary StomperNet. And that’s what I want to highlight, because the StomperNet program has been closed to new people for months and will remain a closed group, except for today, 4 January 2007.
Let me tell you who is involved, what we’re doing, and why StomperNet is unquestionably the best long-term Internet Marketing investment you can make to fulfill your resolution of ‘make more money, become your own boss, wrest control of your destiny’!
Before I do that, go right now and get more info on StomperNet!
Now, let me explain what we’re doing with StomperNet, so you don’t think I’ve just fallen off my rocker…

If you have ever attended an Internet Marketing event, you know that all too many are predicated on ‘pitching from the podium”. in fact, it’s epidemic, and some of the events I’ve attended had me cringing in the back as other speakers gave 10 minutes of content and 50 minutes of sales pitch. Ugh.
To combat this, you can create small events, like Aaron, Jeremy, Lee and I did with our successful Elite Retreat, but even with two days of intense one-on-one interaction with a small group, we can only offer so much of our expertise. Attendees were delighted, but we were offering a bootstrap, a brainstorming intensive that ultimately couldn’t include long-term coaching.
But what if you want to engage with a dozen of the very best people in the Internet Marketing world (and dozens of guest gurus who pop in from time to time) in a cooperative community of hundreds of like-minded entrepreneurs, a community that includes an incredibly active discussion forum, hundreds of hours of expert training videos, podcasts, and four conferences in 2007?
That’s the beauty of Stompernet. I dunno if I’m supposed to do this, but here’s a tiny snapshot of some of the actively managed forums we have, forums that all have their own experts, people like Frank Kerns, Dan Thies, Leslie Rohde and Sherman Hu:

  • Finding Your Niche
  • Keyword Research
  • Yahoo Stores
  • Catalog Managers and Shopping Carts
  • SEO Strategies
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Viral Marketing
  • Monetizing Strategies
  • Email Marketing
  • Physical Products
  • Merchant Services
  • Blogging Strategies

That’s just a subset, and if I added up all the discussion threads in those forums alone it’d be well in the hundreds. Hundreds of discussions that are from entrepreneurs just like you, except for one difference: they have full access to a faculty of extraordinarily smart experts that are helping them become more successful every single day.
I realize that you might not be familiar with all of the experts in our group, so let me mention a few of them and what they do: Dan Thies runs SEO Research Labs and has years of experience with keyword research and search engines, Leslie Rohde also has lots of years with SEO, much of it quite pragmatic and experimental in nature, Brad Fallon runs a site I’ve written about many times — including in my Google book — called My Wedding which last year grossed $12 million in purely online sales, Mike Long is an expert on how to leverage eBay for marketing and sales, and Sherman Hu, fellow blogging expert is my mirror: his expertise is focused on WordPress, while mine is MovableType.
I was in Atlanta a few weeks ago for the first StomperNet Live event and it was pretty darn cool. Over 500 people and two days of solid information with almost zero sales pitch. The cocktail party was splendid and I know that I learned a ton listening to everyone else, including the attendees themselves.
The next StomperNet Live is next month in Orlando and it’ll again be a great event with excellent speakers and a room full of entrepreneurs who are doing something to realize their online dreams by participating in the event and StomperNet itself.
Shouldn’t you jump too, while you have the chance?
I kid you not. The only day you can sign up and join us in StomperNet is today, the 4th of January. Tomorrow the door will have closed again and you’ll just be on the outside, listening to incessant pitches and wondering why other people are enjoying such success.
So, a call to action: don’t just sit there reading!

Learn more about how YOU can be a success with StomperNet!

Disclaimer: I am a member of the StomperNet faculty and speak at their events. The above links are also affiliate links and by using my link to learn more about Stompernet, you help me keep the digital lights on here at If you’d prefer a non-affiliate link, please go to directly. It’s still one heck of a deal, either way.

10 comments on “The Best Internet Marketing Deal of 2007 is Happening Today!

  1. Hey,
    Just got an e-mail from you about this, and while it does sound very interesting, I have to say it is not priced for someone like me. I don’t know how much money you bring in each month, but $800 is basically one third of my income before taxes are taken off…
    Thanks though.

  2. Ah, so $800 is what it costs? I’m glad someone figured that out, because I just pored over that site for a couple of minutes and couldn’t figure out the pricing — always a red flag to me. I’mnot demeaning the service. I’m sure if you support it, Dave, it’s on the level and worth the cost. But personally I’m always wary about getting such a strong sales pitch without up-front information about cost.
    – Amy Gahran

  3. Uh, this is some kind of whacky test, right?
    I mean, there’s no way the rational Dave Taylor I know would be pumping an over the top scheme such as this. 800$ a month? And such a hard sell (on their site, not so much here). That’s always an indicator of potential problems. Get it today only! I don’t think so.

  4. I dunno, Mike, you might be throwing out the proverbial baby with the bathwater. I admit that some of the people in the “marketing” space are a bit questionable, but there are also some extraordinarily sharp people that have definitely helped me learn a lot about marketing my services and producing income as a business.
    I don’t like those sort of closing letters as the target site has, but that’s out of my control too, and I hear from many people who apply the same scientific principles we used at HP Labs that certain types of landing pages and certain characteristics of those landing pages (like testimonials) work quite well.
    Anyway, it’s not for everyone, and that’s cool too. 🙂

  5. I joined. I missed-out the first time. I purchased “Stomping the Search Engines” by Brad and Andy and within 45 days was hitting $200 to $400/day in online sales. Since then, I’ve been stuck. I’ve followed blogs and seo sites, but have not received the info that I received in the first course by Brad and Andy. Also, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with Leslie Rodes from Optilink. I use Optilink at least twice a day to check my links. Can’t wait to meet you Dave and to become involved in Stompernet. Sometimes you have to take a chance. I don’t feel this is much of a risk!

  6. Dave thankyou for sending your tips on blogging to my email; and the information in your blog here is very informative; I don’t have or cannot afford the $800.00 yet but am working on it everyday.(I’d like to attend one of these venus and get the experts perspective) I am learning how to blog through you and Sherman Frank

  7. Interesting approach to marketing. Offer something, then make it scarce. I hope the Stompernet program is worth the effective sales tactics they use. We used the same tactic to great successes in developing a ski area in New Zealand, only we were telling the truth. We had a physical limit on the number of automobiles and skiiers the mountain could handle. The sooner we announced the mountain was full every day, the sooner they arrived, to the point we were forced to open the mountain one hour earlier to accommodate the skiiers who had been waiting for hours.
    I hope Stompernet is worth the money?

  8. Dave, just a follow-up to my previous post. I’m in week 10 of Smarts, and it’s really sent me to the next level. Combining a good link strategy with true social marketing is awesome. I’ve been getting a ton of traffic from my videos (transcribed into blog and content sharing posts.) It’s added “new life” to my zest for internet marketing.

  9. Ok Stompernet faculty,
    I get it. You get us new bees hooked on the 30 day challenge. Then you present us with a latter step to “the net effect” you spam us to death with the bonuses. We buy more stuff through the net effect up sell process. Then we suck in all this new stuff. make more money with our website niche market theme.
    To the point that you can help us graduate to $800 a month on Stompervision. THANK GOD!!!
    When i due make 10k a month i will be the first person to fly to your next event and i will evangelise the hell out of Stompernet.
    Great education and i look forward to counting the money you helped bring in. On the next beachside resort stompernet event.
    We all have to start somewhere 😉
    All the best!
    Brian Mcfarlane
    Product Marketing wannabee guru

  10. Interesting approach to marketing. Offer something, then make it scarce. I hope the Stompernet program is worth the effective sales tactics they use.
    Hmm Is Stompernet is worth the money?

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