Baby Blues

I may fancy myself reasonably literate, but I still greatly enjoy the daily comics page in the local newspaper. The problem is, of course, the local paper only has the comics in print, not online, and I’m not willing to throw away thirty pounds of wasted newsprint each year to get my comic fix. So, I hacked together my own…

It’s an interesting process, reverse-engineering different Web sites to get to the kernel of how they archive and organize a given comic strip, and I’ve been pretty successful at getting everything I want, except for Baby Blues. Dig around for a while yourself and you’ll find that it’s the least distributed, most carefully protected of all the strips I’ve found online. Even Peanuts and Doonesbury are easier to dredge up on other Web sites.

What bugs me about this, of course, is that I really like Baby Blues and have even had a few phone conversations with one of the cartoonists, Rick Kirkman, back when my pal Rick Tracewell and I were asked to submit a bid on building their Web site. It would have been a way cool project, but it didn’t happen, alas.

Anyway, I just want to add Baby Blues to my comic page and I’m stymied. If you have any cunning or ingenious ideas on how to do so, let me know!

On the positive side, I added the great strip The Norm, penned by Michael Jantze, with whom I have also talked about creating a site for him! My tiny brushes with comic fame, I guess. 🙂

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  1. They’ve got a website that has several years of comic strips archived now – all except 2002 (which is what I wanted to read … oh well)

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