Are you blogging for market research?

As an avid follower of Profnet through the terrific PR Leads service (see my article The secret to being an expert source in the media to learn what I’m talking about) I constantly see queries from writers and journalists about technology pieces they’re writing. Sometimes they’re about blogs and blogging, but often it’s more general business questions.
Today, however, journalist Paul Gillin, working with BtoB Magazine, sent out a query looking for companies that are using their weblogs for market research, and I’m hoping that getting him some wider exposure through my reposting will help him find some good sources for his upcoming story.
Please read on for details…

Paul writes:
“I’m looking for stories of companies that have successfully used blogs to gather research about their customers and markets. I need concrete examples, not punditry. If your company has augmented its research efforts or replaced them by tapping the blogosphere, I want to speak to you for a column in BtoB Magazine. No tech companies, please.”
When I emailed Paul and asked him if I could help spread the word a bit more in the blogosphere, his response was amusing:
“Dave: Sure, I’d appreciate that. Not surprisingly, I’ve had several offers of pundits but practitioners are rare as hen’s teeth!”
So, fellow bloggers, let’s prove him wrong about those pesky hen’s teeth!
If you have a great example of a company using a blog specifically for market research, please contact Paul directly at:
      paul at
And why not post a brief note about it here while you’re at it?

5 comments on “Are you blogging for market research?

  1. Nike, Google and Microsoft are using blogs. Right now corporate blogs are not attracting the attention (traffic) that can be measured to justify any ROI. They are getting comments that can lead to product innovation. Mozilla’s blog is full of comments on how to stop spyware. One of the first blogs to get attention was from Stonyfield Yogurt.

  2. The recent edition of the Economist had an article about blogging and provides examples of some companies using blogging for research. “The Blog in the Corporate Machine” Feb. 9, 2006 Edition.

  3. I am currently writing a dissertation on the use of blogging for qualitative market research. Are you aware of any research that has ben done in this specific area?

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