And another book is coming to a close!

In the midst of wrapping up “Wicked Cool Shell Scripts”, I’ve also been working closely with O’Reilly & Associates on the third edition of “Learning Unix for Mac OS X”. As of today I’ve now turned in revised versions of all the chapters (and the book has some substantial changes, updates and improvements, many of which are structural). Yes, I’ve been running Mac OS X 10.3, aka “Panther”, and it’s very cool. I can’t wait for the official release later this year: I know I’ll be updating faster than you can say “full backup”!

if you’re in the market for a short, readable, enjoyable, and darn informative 175-page book on the Unix underpinnings of Panther, you won’t find a better book in the market than “Learning Unix for Mac OS X, 3rd Ed.” by Brian Jepson and myself. Coming soon!

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