Weblogs are even in non-disclosures now!

Got a non-disclosure from Edelman PR today for beta testing the new Virtual PC 7, and it’s amusing that the wording includes:

“Representatives from Microsoft�s Macintosh Business Unit will be demonstrating and/or providing me with a beta copy of Virtual PC for Mac Version 7 and I agree to keep all mentioned dates, product features and other product information not yet available to the public under embargo until Virtual PC 7 is released to manufacturing, which Edelman will notify me of this date in advance. The embargo includes print, broadcast, electronic and Internet publications and blogs, and verbal disclosure.”

When “blogs” show up in these industry non-disclosure agreements (aka “NDAs”) then it’s official that weblogs have not just hit but pervaded the industry conciousness. Now the question is: who is doing something interesting with weblog technologies?

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