Strategic Consulting

There’s no point in teaching, speaking, writing, and thinking about cutting-edge technologies and complex management issues if it doesn’t come from a base of experience. The adage “those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach” doesn’t even come close to applying. Instead, I focus my consulting in online marketing communications and strategic management consulting, and keep my hand in the tactical side of things through both search engine optimization briefings and thoughtful technical solutions.

Online Marketing Communications
The Internet has changed quite a bit about business, but the changes that we’re seeing in how companies communicate with their customers, clients, employees and even market sector are revolutionary. They mark a complete paradigm shift in marketing and business success, actually, and it has become critical that all companies establish a dialog and give their business a voice. A popular tool for accomplishing this is a Weblog (a “blog” for short) and much of my marcom consulting revolves around helping companies identify and implement a blogging strategy.

But blogs are just tools, and online marketing communication encompasses more than just a blog. I help companies crystalize who they are, how they fit into the larger business ecosystem, and what truly differentiates them from their many competitors, locally and worldwide. After all, if you just want to have your press releases online, you’ll end up sitting on the sidelines watching newer, more nimble competitors steal more and more of your customers.

Maybe you’d rather work one-on-one? I do that. Drop me a note, we can consult on your thorny strategic problems, either in person or via Skype. I also run very exclusive mastermind groups of 5-6 people that meet monthly to help each other be more successful in business. Ideal for entrepreneurs business owners also join us and find them hugely beneficial. Learn more: Join the Advisory Circle.

When you find an individual who understands the Internet from the ground up, has an instinctive grasp of marketing, and a unique ability to communicate, it pays to pay attention. Does Dave know his stuff? I’ve been learning from him since 1993. — Jim Sterne, author, “What Makes People Click”

Strategic Management Solutions
I believe quite strongly that success isn’t about “hacking something together over a weekend” or “shipping the prototype”, but rather thinking, planning, anticipating, and deploying. It’s exactly where I have proven an invaluable asset, whether to run a full-day strategic planning workshop, or to help as an advisor to the firm. Also, if you’re looking for a bright, eloquent and savvy outside Board member, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Search Engine and Web Site Optimization
Given that I already spend hundreds of hours exploring different methods of optimizing Web sites for my own purposes, trying to ensure that when people search on key phrases and key words that they find my sites rather than those of my competitors, it’s only inevitable that clients have started asking me to help them with this voodoo work too. I’m more intersted in empowering you to increase your company’s findability, so I offer a one-day briefing where I’ll step through your existing Web site, page by page, with your IT people, webmaster and other team members. We’ll collectively identify what’s good, what’s right, and what could be improved on the site, then your own team will be responsible for the changes and improvements. It’s a powerful and important step towards improving your online business presence.

Technical Solutions
An inveterate programmer and designer since the earliest days of the Internet era, I enjoy creating innovative and elegant solutions for complex technical problems. Recent technical projects include Website development, back-end database programming for existing sites, custom tools and solutions for Internet and Unix systems, and more. I’m not the best programmer because my thoughts are much more strategic than tactical, but if you need a fast technical solution, perhaps we can work something out.

After twenty-five plus years of being involved with the gestation and growth of the Internet and the World Wide Web, including creating and growing four successful startups of my own, I can confidently state that whatever problem you’re facing with your business, be it management related or specific technical challenges, I can identify, find, and, if necessary, invent the necessary solution. A solution that will be thoughtful, elegant, and robust. An intuitive solution.