Speaker submissions invited for “Thin Air Summit” here in Colorado!

I find myself involved in the organization of three different conferences right now, Blogworld and New Media Expo 2008, the Thin Air Summit and … well, a third event that I’m not quite ready to announce yet. 🙂
Blogworld’s call for speakers has passed, but the new event, the Thin Air Summit, just opened its doors for speaker proposals and I invite you to consider proposing a talk of your own (or a panel!) on a topic of interest to New Media and Web 2.0 folk. The conference will occur over the weekend of November 7-9, 2008 at the facilities of the Art Institute of Colorado.

“The format of The Thin Air Summit is a combination of panels and educational sessions. For the education sessions there are three tracks, text – e.g. blogging, online books and the like, audio – e.g. audio podcasts, podsafe music and video – e.g. video podcasts, live streaming video. These sessions will provide practical information relevant to creating better content in that particular medium. The panels will bring all three tracks together and be focused on new media topics that are relevant to all – both the practical, such as monetization, and the philosophical, such as What is New Media and Why is it Important.

Sound cool? I think it will be a nice event with a savvy audience and it’s a huge bonus that we’ll be hosting it here in Colorado, rather than having to fly to California, New York or some other far distant city! And it’ll prove to be one of the premier new media networking events in Colorado this year too…
Interested in speaking? Please check out our Call for Speakers.

One comment on “Speaker submissions invited for “Thin Air Summit” here in Colorado!

  1. Dave!
    Aaron here (Dylan Nuzum’s step dad, Chris Porta’s husband), I have been using 2.0 marketing to build my business now with the help of a video fiend in NJ! The success has been measurable! Radio shows,
    increased web traffic, joint venture offers…
    I also had the help of a 15 year old girl who loved building all of my social sites! I put out videos every other week (soon to be each week) and she gets them all over!
    As a professional speaker, this type of marketing make so much sense as it gets me to do more of what I’m already good at! I love it!
    I speak internationally and am contracted by Peak Potentials to teach part of their Enlightened Warrior Training Camp, as well as continue to host my camps and workshops for kids, teens, parents and families.
    Check out my Youtube page here: http://www.youtube.com/user/9777fire and you can get an idea of what I’m doing!
    Thanks Dave! Talk soon!
    Aaron Huey
    Fire Mountain Programs (.com)

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