My newest venture – MicroURL – is a hit!

A great day: my new venture had a number of new customers sign up and pay for the excellent premium subscriber services. For those of you that don’t know about MicroURL, it’s a very cool traffic tracking service, and it’s ideal for weblogs: it lets you easily replace any and all URLs with shortened MicroURLs and then it tracks all click-thru stats in real-time.

What does this mean to you? It means that if you have links within your Weblog entries, for example, or even in your RSS feed that you can learn which ones people actually click on, how often, and at what time of the day or week. Cool idea, eh?

MicroURL is good for a lot more than that, though, and another key customer for whom it was designed are newsletter publishers. Currently, most newsletters have promo spots for advertisements, for example, but charge by the size of the distribution. With MicroURL, you can have the advertiser pay by the click-thru instead (which could be quite a bit more lucrative and might well be a great incentive for having the ad woven into the prose in addition to being a blurb, right?)

sample MicroURL premium traffic report
Sample Traffic Report

I encourage you to check it out and if you sign up and then email me that you read about it here on my Weblog, we’ll refund $5 of your sign up fee. But that’s only good through 7 June, 2003, so check it out and Get On It!

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