Intuitive Systems Advisory Circle

Being an entrepreneur, running your own business, can be a lonely job. You can solve the lonelines of working alone by renting a desk at a co-working facility or spending lots of time in coffee shops, but there’s another element of business where it’s difficult — and risky — to fly solo: business strategy.

When was the last time you sat around a table and had a thoughtful and confidential discussion about what is and isn’t working in your business, about where you’d like to be in two years, about what you need to close more deals and earn more money? Just as importantly, when was the last time you had a chance to share your own expertise and help a colleague grow their business and achieve their goals?

Larger company execs have a board of advisors, a group of fellow c-level executives who are savvy about both strategy and tactics, but us small companies? We’re on our own.

Enter the Advisory Circle.

Tapping into his over thirty years of industry experience as a successful entrepreneur, startup executive, angel investor, marketing consultant and business consultant, Dave Taylor is offering a limited number of entrepreneurs the chance to join an Advisory Circle and share monthly lunch meetings with a circle of peers, facilitated by Dave.

Even in this highly digital age, some things are best done in person, so members will be expected to attend at least 80% of meetings both to get the maximum benefit from their membership and to help their peers succeed. If you aren’t based in the Denver/Boulder area, this isn’t for you.

Advisory Circles are also very limited in size: a circle will never exceed 10 members, with 8 the optimal size. With a group this small, it should be obvious why attendance at every meeting is vitally important.

Membership is $60/month, billed via an easy PayPal subscription. Once you sign up, you’ll join our private mailing list and be in the know about our meeting schedule.

Tip: In addition to our monthly lunch meeting, members will be encouraged to have a second lunch meeting each month to build deeper connections and hold each other accountable for targets and goals.

Pitching? Members will be highly discouraged from any sort of pitching, regardless of their business and its suitability for other members. First offense will result in the member picking up the entire lunch tab. Second offense and you’ll be asked to leave the Advisory Circle.

It’s time for your business to grow to the next level with a smart circle of trusted advisors, to gain from the expertise of leader Dave Taylor and to contribute to the success of your peers and colleagues.

Ready? Let’s go…

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