Global PR Week: Fake Blogs: New Marketing Channel or Really Bad Idea?

Global PR Week 2.0My second article for Global PR Week 2.0 has been released and I think you’ll find it interesting reading. Here’s how it starts out…
Fake Blogs: New Marketing Channel or Really Bad Idea?
“If you�ve been reading weblogs for a while and sporadically following links and blogroll entries to explore new blogs, you�ve learned one of the dark truths of the blogosphere: most blogs are boring, written by bloggers with passion, but little creative spark and even less writing ability.
“This doesn�t mean that they shouldn�t be blogging – after all, you and I are going to disagree on which blogs are good and bad anyway – but it does suggest that sprinkling the blogosphere with some creative ideas and innovative writing would benefit us all as this communications channel grows and evolves.

“Chief among the many methods bloggers are using to explore how blogs can become more engaging are so-called �fake blogs� or �fictitious blogs�, and that�s what I�m going to talk about in this article, and show how they could be a great addition to the blogosphere, not a plague to be eradicated.
“Purists immediately bridle at what I�m saying, I know, because for many people the cornerstones of a good weblog are credibility and authenticity, both of which are rather hard to establish if you�re pretending to be a moose, rabbit, cartoon character or comic book superhero in your weblog!
“Cast our net more widely and it�s clear that storytelling has been an essential part of marketing and public relations for eons, from court jesters and actors to witch doctors and snake oil salesmen, to today�s mock reality shows. Ask any good storyteller whether they get into character when telling a story and they�ll all say �you bet I do� because pretending to be someone directly associated with the story makes the tale more compelling, exciting and engaging.
“Weblogs can and should enjoy the same benefits. There�s no reason why a fake blog cannot be interesting, amusing and informative, while also having the desirous blog characteristics of credibility and authenticity within the context of the blog itself.
“Indeed, I don�t even like the pejorative �fake blog�, so let�s call it a �story blog instead, to emphasize that everything about the weblog, from its premise and entries to the very persona of the author, are part of the fiction, of the story being told.
“Given that this isn�t really such a radical idea after all, why is it that there are so many terrible story blogs released, from the daft McDonald�s Lincoln Fry blog to the worthwhile but overly flashy Captain Morgan Rum blog or, the worst I�ve seen to date, Wrigley�s Juicy Fruit Gum Blog?
“I think that the real reason that story blogs aren�t better and therefore more popular is because…”
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